Maintenance Evolves into Proactive Event Management for this University’s Avaya and Skype for Business Environment

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Customer Profile

Industry  Higher Education
Students  5,000
Campuses  3 Nationally
Customer Since  2012

This customer, a private university in the Southern United States, provides undergraduate and graduate education in the liberal arts.

This customer originally came to Continuant looking for help keeping its Avaya system up and running. They entered into an agreement for Maintenance and Support services to offload the incident management of frequent alarms and outages. After careful observation by the customer’s Continuant Named Account Manager (NAM), it was recommended that the customer consider a proactive monitoring service where outages and events could be traced in real-time and the origin of the outage could be identified. The customer found tremendous value in the NAM’s recommendation and upgraded to Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) services, also adding the University’s Skype for Business (Lync) environment into the support plan.

Since the shift to IPM, this customer has experienced reduced incident-related stress, improved voice quality across its three campuses, and is happier than ever to have a partnership with Continuant.