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Continuant Fortifies the Call Center for this City in Florida 

city of fort meyers

Once, it was a fort that stood through the Seminole Wars and the Civil War. Today, Fort Myers, Florida, is a city of more than 80,000, with a handful of enticing tourist attractions. Though this city values its history, it’s contact centers were one thing it couldn’t afford to leave stuck in the past. 

Fort Myers Downtown

The Challenge

  • Broken Avaya BCMR 
  • Struggles to maintain call center efficiency 
  • Costly maintenance for antiquated system 

The Solution

  • Continuant Managed Services for Avaya systems  
  • Proactive monitoring and support 
  • New Five9 contact center solution to replace Avaya BCMR 
  • Managed Services as a bridge during deployment process 

The Story

Fort Myers may take pride in its history, but sometimes old things aren’t worth hanging onto. For years, the city relied on Avaya Basic Call Management Recording (BCMRsoftware to address its customers’ needs and analyze its contact center dataWhen this software stopped functioning, the city struggled to maintain its call history and began looking for a new system. 

Eventually, Fort Myers began a conversation with Continuant to discuss solutions that would keep its call center running at peak performanceAt first, the city assumed it only needed a replacement for the old BCMR. While a good idea, in theory, the city soon learned that managed services would serve it better and save it no small amount of money as well.  

Continuant’s Managed Services for Avaya is a process that creates mutually beneficial partnership. As a Third-Party Maintenance provider, Continuant provides a dedicated team that proactively monitors a solution and offers rapid parts replacement anywhere in the world. This kind of team has the power to resolve issues before they even show up. 

After Fort Myerand Continuant kicked off their Managed Services partnership, it gained more freedom for its IT staff and decreased its capital expenditure. When it came time to replace the BCMR, Continuant brought another suggestion to the table, a cloud contact center solution from Five9.  

Five9’s all- in- one Contact Center solution features an omnichannel contact center with self-service that’s 100% in the cloud. Easy to afford with its flexible, “pay what you need” policy, a Five9 solution works in all call center environments and can be integrated with CRM software to increase efficiency. Along with that, it boasts some of the highest voice quality of any platform of its kind, making it the pinnacle of the modern contact center. 

With the prospect of a flexible solution that could much more efficiently manage calls for the city, Fort Myers realized that Five9’s system was exactly what it needed.  

As the Five9 Contact Center deployment process got underway, Continuant kept the old Avaya system running in the background to make sure the city stayed on top of its communicationsTo this day, Fort Myers maintains its Managed Services contract. 

With Five9 handling the installation and one of Continuant’s project managers overseeing the process, Fort Myers’ utility billing department received its new contact center after only a few months.  Now that its call management is entirely in the cloud, the city can reliably and efficiently manage its calls without having to worry about crucial parts breaking. It also has a much easier way to ensure its customers can contact its agents whenever they need to. 

Though the city may be old, its new contact center will keep it holding fast through the modern era. 

Learn more about our Contact Centers solution and partnership with Five9

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