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    How Higher Education Benefits from Unified Communications

    From administration to recruitment and classrooms to at-home learning, unified communication technology enhances collaboration and increases access to education. Professors and students have access to a suite of fully integrated communication tools that expand the flow of information and allows learning on their timeline and in the ways they prefer.

    Breakthrough Communication Barriers

    Enhance communication through the power of a partner that brings clarity to the complexity of UC in a higher education ecosystem.

    At thriving academic institutions, and via grants, research is where revenue is generated. To find success and opportunity in these research environments, faculty and graduate students need to exchange information in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner.   
    Often, campuses have a blend of new and old technology – telephony, classroom AV, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more. At Continuant, we support an integrated suite of communication and collaboration solutions for universities and colleges – even looking for ways to leverage existing legacy technology on campus to save you money.  

    Key Solutions

    Featured Case Study University of Akron With Continuant's help the University will be installing a new Microsoft Teams solution to boost their collaboration capabilities.
    100 %
    Cloud-based contact center
    Year the Partnership Began
    Remote IT Technicians
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    Unify your Higher Ed Communications

    Make disconnection and miscommunication a thing of the past. With Continuant’s communication technology solutions, you’re one step closer to better business outcomes. Discover how your technology stacks up with a 30-minute assessment today.

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