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    Technology Consulting Services

    Do more with less

    It feels like we're all living by this mantra at the moment—and yet—it's also why we exist. Continuant helps IT departments do more when operating with less budget, fewer people, and little time. We bring a consultative-first, vendor-neutral perspective to ensure technology is sourced to meet transformation goals at the pace of your business.


    10 benefits of working with a vendor-neutral IT solutions provider

    Ready to navigate the full potential of cloud and networking services? Don't go it alone. By partnering with a supplier-agnostic IT solution provider, you'll find 10 ways to lose the scarcity mindset that accompanies doing more with less. Say farewell to carrier headaches and say hello to unbiased recommendations and expert support.

    Leverage the experience of a trusted technology expert

    We'll act as an extension of your team, providing tailored technology recommendations that align with your business transformation goals.


    Receive personalized strategy and solution planning

    Get IT planning, design, and vendor negotiations from a seasoned expert who works with industry-leading suppliers in cloud, networking, professional services, security, and technology on a daily basis. We can provide technology roadmaps and future-proof solutions.

    Gain access to a wide selection of supplier solutions

    You’ll get the best supplier options for your company’s needs. We will recommend the optimum cloud and networking providers based on your specific objectives and their capacity to meet your objectives. 

    Consolidate to a single point of contact

    When you partner with Continuant, we make things easy for you. You won't have to worry about dealing with multiple companies or spending hours on hold. Our experts take the time to understand your business needs and are always available to answer your questions or concerns. 

    Eliminate pressure from a quota-based supplier and carrier salesforce

    Dealing with a sales rep who is only interested in meeting their targets can be frustrating when working with suppliers directly. However, by choosing a supplier-neutral IT solution provider, you can rest assured that our recommendations are impartial and free from any pressure.

    Access greater purchasing leverage

    The best IT solution providers develop strong relationships with cloud and networking providers, which comes in handy when negotiating contracts or resolving service issues.

    Recover lost hours

    By outsourcing your cloud and networking integration tasks, you regain all those hours you would have spent strategizing, vetting various providers and negotiating contracts.

    Develop a long-term relationship

    Carrier sales reps frequently jump companies, while IT solution providers are invested in their own businesses and their customers’ success. No more turnover-related hassles.

    Stay cutting edge on technology

    We have our fingers on the pulse of the evolving cloud and networking technologies, so you can leverage the right solutions, increase efficiency and productivity, and stay on a technology roadmap that is future-proof.

    Focus on what you do best

    Let us take care of the rest. We learn your business structure and goals, and then integrate with your organization’s ecosystem. Adding another expert to your team will increase your peace of mind and let you focus on your actual business initiatives, not vendor sourcing.
    Leaders and Challengers

    All about the Upper Quadrant

    While we like to stick to the Gartner Upper Magic Quadrant, there's also something magical about our approach to sourcing and servicing technology. We understand it can be challenging for organizations to find IT support staff with the right expertise. Now, you don’t have to. Continuant has spent years building a dynamic team of world-class experts and engineers across all major platforms, so we can effectively migrate and manage your environment.

    Our Case Studies

    Book a 1:1 Technology Consultation

    Bring us in as your trusted consultant to help you strategize and service your next IT project.