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    Continuant Managed Services

    Maximize Your Investment

    Enjoy stability and maximum uptime with Continuant's model of continuous improvement. Increase your IT team's capacity while providing peace of mind across your organization. Are you ready to get the most out of your technology investments?


    What Sets Our Managed Services Apart

    Our Managed Services go beyond your technology. We care about your success. Discover Managed Services that keep you confidently connected.

    Managed Services Plan Comparison

    Explore details and find the perfect fit for your operation

    • Round-the-clock live customer support
    • Fully staffed global service desk
    • Experienced engineers
    • Software-enabled ITIL processes
    Everything in Basic and:
    • Real-time monitoring and analytics
    • Proactive environment management
    • Early resolution of potential incidents before disruption
    • Service-level-management provisions
    • Service assurance and monthly reporting
    • Network Operations Center (NOC)
    Everything in Extended and:
    • Unlimited access to top engineers
    • Ongoing software updates
    • Round-the-clock oversight
    • Remote analytics, monitoring, and management
    • White-glove customer service

    Solutions for Your Managed Services Needs

    Maximize the Value of Your UC Environment

    What Managed Services Can Do For You

    We understand it can be challenging for organizations to find IT support staff with the right expertise. Now, you don’t have to. Continuant has spent years building a dynamic team of world-class engineers and architects across all major platforms, so we can effectively manage your environment.

    Our Success Stories

    Confidently Connected. Any time, any place.

    Engineering Staff at the Ready
    Unified Services Provided by One Partner
    around clock
    Around-the-Clock Proactive Monitoring
    Maximized Uptime and Stability

    Ready to Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investment?

    Enjoy stability and maximum uptime, so your organization can focus on what matters. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

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