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    PBX Maintenance and Migration

    Proven Ongoing Support for Your Phone Systems

    Receive world-class PBX maintenance and support for a fraction of the cost compared to any other provider. Continuant is dedicated to understanding your unique situation and getting you where you need to be.

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    What Sets Our PBX Services Apart

    Too often, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) attempt to get customers to upgrade by sunsetting entire systems and cutting off ongoing support. Rather than deal with constant costly upgrades, get the most out of your legacy systems with Continuant. Best-fit solutions for your budget and functionality are achieved through Continuant’s phased, hybrid approach to PBX maintenance and migration. 

    Global Multi-vendor PBX Support

    We're here to maintain and manage your existing systems.

    Maximize the Value of Your IT Environment

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    What PBX Services Can Do For You

    You deserve to get the most out of your PBX investments. When you work with Continuant, you save money by eliminating pain points like:

    • Working with costly OEMs for maintenance
    • Being forced into planned obsolesce of OEM products
    • Multiple contracts with multiple vendors 
    Our Success Stories

    Confidently Connected - Any Time, Any Place

    Your company deserves a better option, so we created one.

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    Industry-Leading SLA
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    No Pressure to Upgrade — Ever
    24/7/365 Support
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    Tier 3 Engineer Access

    Want to Ensure Your Migration Will Be Successful?

    Peace of mind is just one of the benefits you’ll experience with our guided, custom-tailored PBX migration and maintenance. We're here to help you every step of the way.

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