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    Legacy Connect

    Cut ties with copper and take your PSTN to the cloud

    Is your organization ready to make the move from POTS and PRI connections to cloud connectivity via SIP-delivered service? With Legacy Connect, we've got you covered for the copper sunset.


    What is Legacy Connect?

    For well over a century, plain old telephone systems (POTS) have served organizations reliably. However, in recent years the shift to VoIP technology has become increasingly logical due to its flexibility and scalability.

    Today, traditional POTS and PRIs are slowly being put to pasture. The FCC will no longer regulate copper-based T1 lines here in the United States—and this means that businesses will pay a lot more for these legacy connections.

    Legacy Connect is an enterprise-grade voice solution designed to comprehensively upgrade your PSTN service via SIP trunks. Legacy Connect recognizes the unique challenges faced by enterprise IT leaders when it comes to moving their robust telephony infrastructure from land-based connections to cloud-based, virtual connectivity.


    Features and Benefits
    of Legacy Connect

    Move your PSTN to the cloud for greater reliability, flexibility, and cost savings.

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    Transition PSTN connectivity via virtual SIP trunks

    Reduce your number of land-based connections—like T1, PRI and POTS.  Bundle minutes and get more out of your calling environment connected through the internet.

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    Consolidate your network

    SIP consolidation is vital to global, multi-national organizations. It reduces the number of carriers needed to provide global telephony services. Plus, it reduces costs because individual connections to each location are not required.

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    More cost-effective than rip and replace Many traditional PRI services are billed on a usage basis. SIP often offers a bundle of local and long-distance minutes, which are included in the monthly fees. SIP-delivered services can offer a fixed-rate cost, creating a predictable budget model for your business.
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    Port today,
    migrate tomorrow

    Move to Legacy Connect today and any future migrations to your new calling solution will be easier to manage. Plus, porting frustrations won’t be a thing when you cutover to cloud calling.

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    E911 is no longer a barrier to the cloud

    Legacy Connect can be configured as an E911-compliant solution to fulfill regulatory requirements.

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    Ability to bundle as a Teams migration plan

    Start with one department and we can create a roadmap for getting your users set up on Teams Calling on a timeline that makes sense for your organization.

    Cut cords with copper and connect via cloud PSTN

    Interested in learning more about Legacy Connect? Let’s talk. We can help you determine if it’s a good fit within a 15-min call.

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    Benefits of Hybrid Calling

    Initiate a SIP partnership

    Managed SIP services relieve the IT burden associated with congestion and routing problems. We help customers troubleshoot, gain visibility, and diagnose issues immediately.

    Experience the savings and support that come with SIP-delivered service when you partner with Continuant. 

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    We understand how challenging it can be to deploy and manage your audio video at scale. As an Exclusive Microsoft Partner, we are here to help.

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