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    Unified Communications Creates Efficiency in Manufacturing

    Unified Communications (UC) streamlines an organization's voice, video, data, and mobile applications into a single platform, making it easier to manage and more cost effective. For manufacturers, this type of solution can be especially beneficial due to the complex and multi-site nature of their operations.

    Benefits of Unified Communication

    Streamlined Manufacturing Operations

    Streamline manufacturing operations by integrating your geographically different locations onto a single platform. This reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate PBX systems at each location and allows you to manage all your locations from a central point and with a single-pane view of performance. 
    Employees also save time, have greater flexibility in how they communicate, and stay connected even when they're on the floor and away from their desks.
    Plus, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) supports manufacturing operations by providing better visibility into what's happening across your organization. UCaaS offers real-time support and reporting tools to give you detailed information about your communication environment. This data is then used to improve your organization's overall efficiency and identify trends and issues so you can take corrective action before any problems escalate. 

    Key Solutions

    FEATURED CASE STUDY Adient Continuant replaced Adient’s Avaya system with Microsoft Phone Systems and helped Adient migrate 20,000 users—putting them in the driver's seat of their UC innovation.
    20 k
    Users migrated
    100 %
    Cloud-based solution
    33 +
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    Unify Your Manufacturing Communications

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