Continuant Fills the Seat of this Auto Manufacturer's Managed Service Provider 

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For the company known today as Adient—whose name derives from the Latin word meaning “accepting and advancing a situation”—moving toward challenges is nothing new.  

The company, which was previously the automotive seating business of Johnson Controls, today leads the charge to produce safer, lighter, more ergonomic seating for the global auto industry, supplying some 25 million seating systems yearly to 360 vehicle nameplates worldwide. To put it another way, one in every three automobile seats throughout the world is manufactured in an Adient plant.  

When this company felt it was time to move forward with its unified communications, it needed to find someone who shared its eye for innovation to chart their map to the future. 

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The Challenge

  • Legacy Avaya system in need of replacement 
  • 85,000 employees at 238 plants in 34 countries 
  • Concerns about maintaining communication through global industry 
  • Concerns about the long-term viability of legacy system 
  • Lack of coverage for all modalities 

The Solution

  • Full migration of 20,000 users to a new Microsoft Teams solution 
  • Received Hardware as a Service (Cutting down the hassle and saving money) 
  • New Five9 contact center solution 
  • Support across five different continents 
  • Ongoing managed services for the new solution 

The Story

Adient (NYSE: ADNT) – pronounced “Ad-ee-ent”—today employs 85,000 people in its 238 plants that operate in 34 countries. With annual sales of $16 billion, and a 44 percent market share in China, the company is definitely “on the move” to change the way people experience “the ride.”  

Corporately, Adient is committed to responsible sourcing of the materials it uses in manufacturing, and has made a strong commitment to supplier diversity, working with women and minority-owned businesses as well as veteran-owned businesses. Through its supplier diversity program, Adient has won, and continues to win, prestigious awards, including the Minority Business News’ “Corporate 101: Most Admired Corporations in Supplier Diversity Award” for 2017 and the Toyota “Excellence Supplier Diversity Award” for 2017 to name a few. The company is also a Billion Dollar Roundtable Member, which is a group of US companies that each spend more than $1 billion annually with certified minority and women-owned firms.  

With a track record of success and corporate social responsibility, the company continues to conduct groundbreaking research into the transportation industry of the future—from developing seats that help prevent whiplash to designing and developing the first generation of autonomous vehicles. And, as an advanced manufacturer of lightweight components, Adient is at the forefront of a movement to promote sustainable driving experiences around the globe. 

With such a dedication to leading their industry, it’s no wonder that Adient eventually looked to replace its hosted Avaya solution. As far as unified communications was concerned, Adient worried about the long-term viability of its legacy solution. What this organization wanted more than anything was a single UC solution that would cover all the modalities: messaging, presence, voice, mobility, conferencing, and collaboration. In other words, Adient wanted a solution that could cover everything from text chat to video calls as efficiently as possible. 

Fortunately, Continuant could provide just the solution that Adient needed. Replacing the Avaya system with a new one from Microsoft, Continuant helped Adient migrate 20,000 users, ensuring that they’d be able to get the most out of their new solution. The new hardware for the solution, such as phones, gateways, and headsets, was provided as a service, saving Adient money and cutting down on hassle. 

Along with the Microsoft solution, Continuant helped Adient install a contact center application from Five9. This contact center is a critical part of the collaboration solution, as it helps employees from all over the world connect to its internal help desk and Human Resources. It ensures that no matter where they are, Adient’s employees can receive immediate attention for any HR-related issues.  

Continuant will be providing ongoing Managed Services to Adient’s Microsoft solution and its Five9 contact center, including Incident Management, Problem Management, Preventative Maintenance, Carrier Services, Configuration Management, Change Management, Asset Management, Release Management and Documentation Management.   

Furthermore, Continuant will support Adient’s users all over the world, including countries such as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the USA.  

That’s just for starters. Now that the first 20,000 Microsoft users have been installed and the Avaya system has all been replaced, Adient and Continuant are making plans to move another 20,000 users to the Microsoft solution.  Adient and Continuant are also in discussions about how Continuant can help with the deployment and ongoing management of Microsoft Meeting Rooms solutions (including AV design services, integration and Managed Services) for this forward-thinking company. 

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"Now that the first 20,000 Microsoft users have been installed and the Avaya system has all been replaced, Adient and Continuant are making plans to move another 20,000 users to the Microsoft solution. "

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