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How One of the Biggest Streaming Services got a Series of AV Upgrades 


For fans of shows such as “Vikings,” “Brooklyn 99,” or “Fraiser,” Hulu is the place to go for streaming. A subsidiary of the Walt Disney corporation, Hulu had 32.1 million paid subscribers in the second quarter of 2020. As this company grows, it’s constantly looking to make its meeting spaces live up to their potential. 


The Challenge

  • New buildings in Seattle with unique architecture and AV needs 
  • Over 40 meeting spaces with no consistent meetings solution 

The Solution

  • Full production environment for Brewery event space, including sound, lighting, and video streaming 
  • Two story video wall 
  • LED wall for reception area 
  • New meeting rooms solutions for more than 40 spaces 

The Story

Hulu is one of the largest video streaming services, ranking just below Netflix and Amazon Video in 2019Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Hulu expanded to include an office in Seattle, Washington  

This new office contained several meeting rooms, along with a reception area and Brewery event space that needed nothing short of the best AV solutions the industry has to offer. Not only that, Hulu needed to find someone who could design AV solutions that would work in tandem with the building’s architecture and aesthetic. 

For a company like Hulu, AV is a vital part of presenting the company’s productsHulu’s event space would need proper lighting and sound with a quality display that could support all kinds of video streaming. Its meeting rooms, on the other hand, would need easy-to-use conferencing devices and displays to effectively enable video collaboration.  

Hulu had made plans with Continuant to do a smaller project at its Santa Monica headquarters, but then decided to commission Continuant to design, deploy, and manage brand new AV solutions at Hulu’s office in Seattle. 

Hulu’s reception area received a direct view LED wall, and its meeting rooms were equipped with new consoles and AV equipment. The Brewery space, however, got the best treatment of all. A full production environment, complete with a high impact Electrovoice sound system and ETC theatrical lighting, made it an ideal event hub. Controlled by Midas consoles, the system supports a wide variety of programming for everything from presentations to music. 

The crown jewel of this event space is its two-story video wall. With the sound system to support it, the wall can stream video seamlessly and create an incredible audio and video experience.  

With a new standard set for AV, Hulu can rely on a consistent, high quality experience in this and all its future projects. 

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