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    Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

    Swiftly and securely shift your calling to the cloud 

    Outdated landlines and siloed channels can hold your business back. Move your communications to the cloud and enjoy all the benefits of a modern, unified platform. From migration to management, we take care of it all with Continuant Connect—the trailblazing Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) voice solution.  

    Continuant Connect gives your business the edge

    Take advantage of all the benefits Continuant Connect delivers to your business.  

    check mark blue2  Multi-Vendor partner with no added pressure

    With voice, video, text, and chat all under one roof, Continuant Connect provides a single, unified platform for managing all of your communications. It makes connecting easier and more cost efficient.

    check mark blue2  Superior performance and reliability

    Continuant Connect ensures all your cloud-based channels are high performing and reliable to handle even the most demanding of environments.

    check mark blue2  Valuable Insights

    Continuant Connect provides detailed analytics on cloud calling usage and performance, which can help you identify areas for improvement and additional cost savings.

    check mark blue2  Easy Scalability

    We grow with you, allowing your communication channels to easily scale so your business never misses an opportunity.

    check mark blue2  Pick your communications platform

    From Teams to Zoom to Webex and more, choose the platform that works for your organization, and we'll take care of migration, deployment, and management.  

    The only platform designed to deliver all the extensibility, security, and control you need out of leading UCaaS solutions.

    Modern features for your modern business

    Continuant Connect puts rich, future-proof features at your fingertips.


    global network

    Your traffic is automatically routed to the nearest available data center, so you can be confident your customers and employees will always be able to connect.


    Carrier-grade infrastructure

    With high-performance servers, redundant networking, and multiple backup systems, your communication services will be able to handle even the most unexpected traffic spikes.


    Enterprise-grade security and analytics

    Enterprise-grade security and analytics help protect your data and ensure the quality of your communication services. Features such as encryption, intrusion detection, and performance monitoring allow you to securely and reliably communicate.




    Emergency services are just a tap away with static and nomadic E911 support. And, Continuant Connect allows you to enable your legacy telephony devices and systems for E911 so you can comply with today's regulatory requirements.


    Seamless business continuity

    Continuant Connect delivers high availability and swift disaster recovery for maximum uptime and a reliable communications experience.


    Integrate with critical applications

    Continuant Connect's API extensibility makes integration a breeze. Easily connect with your critical applications to enhance and optimize your communications.

    pbx phone-1

    Connect analog devices

    Connect phones, fax machines, and modems to the cloud. Enjoy the flexibility of using your existing equipment while still benefiting from the features and benefits of a cloud communication platform.

    check mark gr blue  24/7 Peace of Mind

    Access to 24/7/365 live customer support, ensuring your IT team can sleep well at night knowing Continuant is ready to assist anytime.

    check mark gr blue  Proactive System Management

    With the Extended and Premium packages, gain insights into your systems through monitoring and management, preventing potential issues before they disrupt your business.

    check mark gr blue  Deep Engineering Expertise

    Benefit from Continuant's deep bench of engineers with OEM certifications and enterprise experience, enhancing your team's capabilities without the need for expensive certifications and training.

    check mark gr blue  Proactive Monitoring & Analytics

    Our Extended package includes real-time system monitoring, giving you the foresight to address issues before they impact your operations.[MH2] 

    check mark gr blue  Single Point of Contact

    Simplify your vendor management by using Continuant as your single point of contact for all OEM support tickets, saving you time and effort.

    check mark gr blue  Scalable and Flexible Service Options

    Choose from Basic, Extended, or Premium packages to match the level of service and support that best fits your organization's requirements.

    check mark gr blue  Strategic Service Level Management

    Experience meticulous monthly reporting and service level oversight that drives continuous improvement across your IT infrastructure.[MH3] 

    check mark gr blue  Meeting Room Mastery

    Transform your meeting spaces with our maintenance and management services, optimized for peak performance.


    Leave the management to us

    With Continuant, you're supported by 24/7/365 US[MH1] -based customer service, ensuring minimal concern over timelines, contract renewals, or transition periods. Instead, you gain the freedom to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Our deep bench of certified engineers and comprehensive, ITIL-based managed services ensures your technology—whether legacy or new—works for you.

    We’ve got you covered

    Coverage in 70+ countries means you can rely on Continuant Connect for seamless
    communications practically anywhere you set up shop. 

    CPaaS FAQs

    What is CPaaS?

    CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)  is a cloud-based platform that offers building blocks to IT team members and developers so they can integrate messaging, phone, and other communication features into partner and customer apps that already exist.

    Essentially, software development kits (SDKs), integrated development environments (IDEs), documentation, sample code, and APIs are made available by CPaaS platforms to: 

    • Make a variety of communication channels and capabilities, such as voice, SMS, rich messaging, and video, easier to use and deploy.

    • Construct smart communication systems and optimize operational procedures.

    • Improve relationships and satisfy clientele with more proactive and detailed messaging.

    • Accelerate the time to market for innovative ideas, goods, and services.

    Its ability to accomplish all of the aforementioned without requiring time and money to reengineer existing back-end systems is what makes it so beneficial to the business.

    Checkout Continuant's Ultimate Guide To Communication Platform as a Service. 

    What is the difference between CPaaS and UCaaS?

    UCaaS and CPaaS are often confused because they both focus on developing the modern communication stack. Each option offers flexible tools for growth in collaborative and communication systems. However, UCaaS and CPaaS differ in the way they provide essential services to clients.

    UCaaS is similar to a traditional platform for on-premise communications. It provides a fully-functional unified communication landscape that combines all necessary features into a single environment. Businesses can access a single platform to utilize phone services, video capabilities, call recording, and more.

    On the other hand, CPaaS serves as an open foundational platform where developers can integrate their own communication features into existing cloud-based applications. In other words, it enables companies to evolve and expand without the need to develop a new back-end. CPaaS follows a build-your-own model, allowing the combination of various modules and APIs like puzzle pieces.

    Are there different types of CPaaS Providers?

    There are two primary categories in which CPaaS providers can be classified, despite the different models they may offer.

    The first category is Developer CPaaS providers, which allow developers to create single-purpose applications by accessing channels and communication capabilities through APIs and SDKs. These providers prioritize offering the necessary connectivity for sending and receiving communications, rather than providing support services. Instead, they make development resources, guides, and technical information readily available.

    The second category is Enterprise CPaaS providers, who specialize in automating end-to-end journeys through a centralized platform. This platform acts as an orchestration layer between communication channels and enterprise systems. These providers focus on catering to businesses and offer key capabilities such as rapid deployment, seamless integration of business systems, and support services.

    What is a CPaaS API?

    CPaaS encompasses a range of individual products, each consisting of its own application programming interface (API). For example, within a CPaaS suite, there may be an API specifically designed to incorporate text messaging into an application, as well as a separate API dedicated to integrating voice calling.

    The common thread among all CPaaS APIs is their association with real-time communication programs. Whether it involves video calling or the integration of emergency 911 calls, these offerings all fall within the realm of real-time communication if they are part of a CPaaS suite.

    What is the difference between CPaaS and CCaaS?

    CCaaS, also known as Contact Center as a Service, is a comprehensive solution that encompasses cloud-based products, analytics, and consulting services. It caters to companies seeking to enhance their customer service experience. The offerings within a CCaaS package are exclusively designed for contact center operations and may incorporate certain aspects of real-time communication software.

    In contrast, CPaaS, or Communication Platform as a Service, primarily serves as a cloud-based platform that offers real-time communication APIs to developers. It focuses solely on providing developers with the necessary tools and resources for seamless communication over the cloud.