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    Continuant + Microsoft Teams Phone

    A single platform for all internal and external communications

    Microsoft 365 is the collaboration platform of choice for businesses. Maximize its potential by seamlessly adding enterprise telephony with Teams Phone. The integration lets you handle calls within the same communication solution your workplace already uses so you can level up your productivity.


    Direct Routing gives your voice system superpowers

    Direct Routing makes it easy to start using Teams Phone across your entire enterprise. It directs calls to other voice service providers so you can keep your carrier, decommission legacy equipment on your timeline, and enjoy cheaper call rates. With Direct Routing, you can use Teams Phone even if you’re locked into existing contracts, without termination penalties.

    Direct Routing supports a local survivability mode for added peace of mind, so you can continue making and receiving calls even if Microsoft 365 is down or unreachable. 

    Learn more about Direct Routing

    Elevate workflows with a comprehensive communication system

    Make the most of the benefits Continuant + Teams Phone delivers. 

    check mark blue2  Unified Microsoft 365 and voice calling

    Using a Microsoft 365 E5 or A5 license? Easily integrate cloud-based Teams Phone to streamline communications, decrease reliance on on-premises hardware, and eliminate points of failure.

    check mark blue2  Centralized management

    Manage users and intelligently monitor business interactions within a simple, centralized administration portal.

    check mark blue2  Greater efficiency

    Call delegation, automated attendants, and intelligent call routing free up time managing phone calls. 

    check mark blue2  Greater flexibility

    Your team can choose when, where, and how they receive and make phone calls, allowing them to work how they want.

    check mark blue2  Advanced security and compliance

    Teams Phone enjoys the same advanced security and compliance features found in Microsoft 365, so you get comprehensive protection for sensitive information across the entire communication platform.

    Continuant + Microsoft Teams Phone enables your business to do more

    Continuant + Teams Phone enables your business to do more.

    Quick activation icon

    Quick activation

    Get up and running in minutes with our automated setup tools.

    Self Service Portal Icon

    Self-service portal

    Easily manage your channels with an intuitive customer portal.

    custom plans icon

    Custom plans

    Create custom plans that fit your needs and budget.

    number porting copy 10

    Simple number porting

    Port your existing numbers or get new ones quickly and easily.

    Power APIs Icon

    Powerful APIs

    Integrate Continuant with the technology you already use.

    Caller ID Icon

    Configurable Caller ID

    With configurable caller ID, your team can customize the displayed phone number when making outbound calls so they always make a good impression.

    e911 Icon


    Respond to emergencies quickly with Enhanced 911, which sends the caller’s phone number and location directly to the operator.

    Number porting icon

    Integrated Directories

    Integrated directories make it as easy as a quick search to find and call the coworker you need, no matter where they are.

    Winner of the 2023 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award

    For the second time this decade, the leader in enterprise software named Continuant a Global Microsoft Partner of the Year. The recognition is a testament to our excellence in providing outstanding solutions and services within Calling and Meetings, and helping organizations migrate from their communications to cloud-based Teams.

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    Continuant Connect

    Continuant Connect gives you the power of choice

    Easily migrate from your legacy voice system to the cloud with Continuant Connect. 

    Choose your timeline

    Shift from copper landlines to cloud-based telephony on your schedule. Our hybrid calling solution bridges the gap, so you can decommission hardware in stages with no disruption to business operations. 

    Choose your carrier 

    Keep your telephone provider, pick a new one, or choose us as your carrier—it’s up to you. Locked into a contract? With Continuant Connect, you can still consolidate your communications and use our internet-powered solution to enjoy cheaper calling rates without violating your contract.  

    Choose your UCaaS products

    The power to pick your technology is in your hands. Choose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, and other UC apps to serve as the hub of your internal and external communications.

    Explore the platform

    Ready to give Teams a call?

    Experience the simplicity of calling with the power of Direct Routing—
    and enable your people to call from anywhere, on any device.

    Teams Phone FAQs

    What is Continuant Connect and how does it work with Teams Phone?

    Continuant Connect is a cloud-based telephony solution that works with Microsoft Teams Phone. It allows you to migrate from your legacy voice system to the cloud at your own pace, without disrupting your business operations. You can also choose your own carrier, or use Continuant as your carrier, to enjoy lower calling rates and better service quality.

    Is Teams Phone as reliable as other telephony solutions?

    Yes, Teams delivers reliable communication experiences to meet your calling needs and enabling ways to stay connected even when a disruption occurs. Since Teams Phone runs on Microsoft infrastructure, it can enable reliability in ways that are difficult to replicate from other providers.

    Microsoft demonstrates their commitment to quality and continuity in their updated SLAs.

    Does my organization need to modernize our devices when migrating to Teams Phone?

    No. While Microsoft Teams phone devices provide the best, most complete Teams experience, we know that there are many customers with existing investments in legacy systems. With Continuant Connect, customers can leverage their existing telephony hardware as they move to Teams Phone. 

    Can we use our existing phone numbers?

    Yes. You can port your phone numbers from your current service provider or get new numbers. If you choose Continuant Connect, Continuant will become your service provider after your numbers are transferred. 

    Does Continuant assist with rollout and adoption?

    Yes! Implementing a new system goes beyond the technical aspects; it requires proper alignment with your business strategy. By incorporating intentional change management, you can drive user adoption and achieve measurable ROI for your organization. At Continuant, our Adoption and Change Management (ACM) team is ready to assist you in successfully implementing Teams Phone throughout your entire organization.