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    Continuant + Cisco Webex Calling

    The enterprise voice system anyone can use

    Cisco Webex Calling is a cloud-based calling solution perfect for large organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of communication features that empower your teams to collaborate effectively no matter where they are. With Webex Calling, you can enjoy the reliability and security that Cisco is known for in a flexible cloud environment.

    Streamlined communication and teamwork, no matter the location.

    Make the most of the benefits Webex Calling provides: 

    check mark blue2  Cloud-based system

    Scale and update your system easily without extensive on-site hardware.

    check mark blue2  Global Reach, Local Presence

    Ensure your enterprise has a global reach with local dial plans and phone numbers in dozens of countries.

    check mark blue2  Integrated Collaboration

    Seamlessly integrate with the Webex suite for meetings, messaging, and events.

    check mark blue2  Advanced Security

    Benefit from Cisco's industry-leading security measures to protect your customers and their information.

    check mark blue2  Cost efficiency

    Reduce costs with a cloud-based solution deployed as a service.

    All the features a modern business
    needs to win

    Continuant + Webex Calling puts your business on the track to success.

    activation thick

    Quick activation

    Get up and running in minutes with our automated setup tools.

    number porting copy 8-1

    Self-service portal

    Manage your channels with ease with an intuitive customer portal.

    number porting copy 9

    Integrated directories

    Integrated directories make it as easy as a quick search to find and call the coworker you need, no matter where they are.

    number porting copy 10

    Simple number porting

    Port your existing numbers or get new ones quickly and easily.


    Powerful APIs

    Integrate Continuant with the technology you already use.

    user management

    Easy user management

    Add, manage, and support users without hassle.



    Respond to emergencies quickly with E911.

    caller id-1

    Configurable caller ID

    With configurable caller ID, your team can customize the displayed phone number when making outbound calls, so they make a good impression.

    Teams logo zoom logo webex logo above a pbx phone an iphone and a laptop. the collage represents Continuant Connect
    Gain the power of choice with Connect Calling

    Continuant Connect gives you the power of choice

    Easily migrate from your legacy voice system to the cloud with Continuant Connect. 

    Choose your timeline

    Shift from legacy systems to WebEx on your schedule. Our hybrid calling solution bridges the gap allow you to decommission hardware in stages. We'll finish the migration without disturbing your day-to-day operations. 

    Choose your carrier 

    Keep your telephone provider, pick a new one, or choose us as your carrier—it’s up to you. Locked into a contract? With Continuant Connect, you can still consolidate your communications and use our internet-powered solution to enjoy cheaper calling rates without worrying about contract violations.  

    Choose your UCaaS products

    The power to pick your technology is in your hands. Choose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, and other UC apps to serve as the hub of your internal and external communications.

    Explore the platform

    check mark gr blue  24/7 Peace of Mind

    Access to 24/7/365 live customer support, ensuring your IT team can sleep well at night knowing Continuant is ready to assist anytime.

    check mark gr blue  Proactive System Management

    With the Extended and Premium packages, gain insights into your systems through monitoring and management, preventing potential issues before they disrupt your business.

    check mark gr blue  Deep Engineering Expertise

    Benefit from Continuant's deep bench of engineers with OEM certifications and enterprise experience, enhancing your team's capabilities without the need for expensive certifications and training.

    check mark gr blue  Proactive Monitoring & Analytics

    Our Extended package includes real-time system monitoring, giving you the foresight to address issues before they impact your operations.[MH2] 

    check mark gr blue  Single Point of Contact

    Simplify your vendor management by using Continuant as your single point of contact for all OEM support tickets, saving you time and effort.

    check mark gr blue  Scalable and Flexible Service Options

    Choose from Basic, Extended, or Premium packages to match the level of service and support that best fits your organization's requirements.

    check mark gr blue  Strategic Service Level Management

    Experience meticulous monthly reporting and service level oversight that drives continuous improvement across your IT infrastructure.[MH3] 

    check mark gr blue  Meeting Room Mastery

    Transform your meeting spaces with our maintenance and management services, optimized for peak performance.


    Leave the management to us

    With Continuant, you're supported by 24/7/365 US[MH1] -based customer service, ensuring minimal concern over timelines, contract renewals, or transition periods. Instead, you gain the freedom to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Our deep bench of certified engineers and comprehensive, ITIL-based managed services ensures your technology—whether legacy or new—works for you.
    cisco managed services agent chatting on phone with a customer

    Ready to get started?

    Transform your enterprise communications with Cisco Webex and prepare your business for the future, today.

    Webex Calling FAQs

    What is Continuant Connect and how does it work with Webex Calling?

    Continuant Connect is a cloud-based telephony solution that works with Cisco Webex. It allows you to migrate from your legacy voice system to the cloud at your own pace, without disrupting your business operations. You can also choose your own carrier, or use Continuant as your carrier, to enjoy lower calling rates and better service quality.

    How reliable is Webex Calling?

    Cisco Webex is highly reliable, boasting robust infrastructure and redundant data centers to ensure uptime. It offers industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) for quality and reliability. Additionally, Webex Calling leverages Cisco's extensive experience in networking and communications technology to deliver a dependable calling experience. Overall, users can trust Cisco Webex to provide consistent and dependable communication solutions.

    Does my organization need to modernize our devices when migrating to Cisco Webex Calling?

    No. While Cisco phone devices provide the best, most complete Webex Calling experience, we know that there are many customers with existing investments in legacy systems. With Continuant Connect, customers can leverage their existing telephony hardware as they move to Webex.

    Can we use our existing phone numbers?

    Yes! You can port your phone numbers from your current service provider or get new numbers. If you choose Continuant Connect, Continuant will become your service provider after your numbers are transferred. 

    Does Continuant assist with rollout and adoption?

    Yes! Implementing a new system goes beyond the technical aspects; it requires proper alignment with your business strategy. By incorporating intentional change management, you can drive user adoption and achieve measurable ROI for your organization. At Continuant, our Adoption and Change Management (ACM)  team is ready to assist you in successfully implementing Webex throughout your entire organization.

    Is Cisco Webex Calling suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, Cisco Webex is designed to scale with your business. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Webex Calling + Continuant Connect offers flexible plans and pricing options to accommodate your needs. With its cloud-based architecture, Webex can easily adapt to the changing requirements of your organization, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

    What is the difference between Webex Calling and Webex Go?

    The main difference between Webex Calling and Webex Go lies in their primary functions and features. Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system designed for businesses, offering features like voice and video calling, messaging, and collaboration tools. On the other hand, Webex Go is a simplified version of the Webex Meetings platform primarily focused on facilitating quick and easy virtual meetings and video conferencing for individuals or small groups. While Webex Calling is geared towards comprehensive communication solutions for businesses, Webex Go is tailored for more casual and spontaneous virtual interactions.