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    July 26, 2023

    UC Today Adds Continuant to its 2023 Top-Tier SIP Provider's List

    Recognizing Continuant’s expertise in both legacy PBX and Microsoft Teams, UC Today has added us to its 2023 list of “top solution providers” for SIP Trunking—recognizing, among other things, Continuant’s “Hybrid Cloud calling platform that supports organizations that want to maintain their existing PBXs, while centralizing their communications strategy.”  

    For organizations that want to keep their older voice systems, a hybrid solution from Continuant can be incredibly useful—although keeping these legacy systems will not be very easy going forward. That's because by 2025, most US-based carriers will no longer support T-carrier (T1) transmissions, marking the end-of-life for Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines 

    While the end of PRI can be a problem for many organizations, the future may not be as bleak as it seems. That’s because SIP technology offers businesses a way out of the existential dread that comes with PRI’s approaching their end-of-life.  

    Cost Savings and Scalability with SIP

    Let’s take a look at what SIP solutions can offer: 

    For starters, SIP allows users to make phone calls over the internet with the help of SIP trunks, which connect everything from legacy PBX to VoIP software such as Microsoft Teams to the PSTN. SIP solutions provide many benefits for global enterprises looking to transition to the cloud, including cost savings and scalability. 

    Because SIP solutions rely on an internet connection and virtual trunks, there are no expensive hardware upgrades, and ongoing maintenance costs are much lower. Each trunk comes with about 100 channels, which can each support several employees. Depending on your deployment plan, you may not even need to pay for each individual trunk or channel.  

    Virtual trunks also allow for infinite scalability. Expanding to new locations, adding new numbers, and even creating new call centers can be done at a lower cost and over a shorter period. Seamless integration with software like Microsoft Teams also adds flexibility. 

    While SIP solutions are cost-efficient and easy to use, they still must be deployed correctly and properly monitored. If not, unforeseen problems down the line could undo any short-term cost-savings. That’s where Continuant can help with Legacy Connect. 

    SIP Services and Legacy Connect

    According to UC Today, “[Continuant’s] Hybrid Cloud calling platform supports organizations in maintaining existing PBXs, while centralizing their communication strategy. Continuant can help businesses consolidate their network, transition PSTN connectivity via SIP trunks, and even bundle Microsoft Teams into their cloud strategy.” 

    Legacy Connect is the name of Continuant’s main SIP service. It’s designed to be a comprehensive upgrade to your PSTN service. This includes reducing land-based connections—such as T1, PRI and POTS—and consolidating your network. It can also be configured to meet E911 requirements and bundled with a roadmap to set your users up with Teams Calling.

    Ready To Set Up Legacy Connect?

    Contact us to get started setting up your SIP solution. Our team of experts can help you determine the best solution for your organization. We will help you reduce costs, scale efficiently, monitor your system, and futureproof your business.  


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