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Why Choose Continuant’s Maintenance Advantage Plan

If you have an enterprise class voice system (particularly one you...... Read More
Bruce Shelby

Moving From A Legacy Phone System To Unified Communications

If you own a legacy system from Avaya, Nortel, Siemens or another...... Read More
Bruce Shelby

Team Collaboration: AV Tips for Taking Your Company Places in 2019

In the beginning, there was the cubicle.   Its resident wore...... Read More
David Ellis

What You Should Know Before You Go with Avaya Extended Support

First Consider All Your Options If you’re one of the many system...... Read More
Bruce Shelby

Avaya Support: When It Makes Sense to Work with the OEM and When It Doesn’t

In a previous blog, “Avaya System Owners at a Crossroads,” I...... Read More
Bruce Shelby

Avaya System Owners at a Crossroads

The Telecom Industry is Always Changing As my first job out of...... Read More
Bruce Shelby

Teams is Ready for You, but… Are You Ready for Teams?

After wandering in the proverbial desert of so-called unified...... Read More
Jon Shelby

How Crestron Mercury Systems Changed the Collaboration Experience

Modern meetings are full of delays.  How many times have you sat...... Read More
Dustin Merryman

10 Reasons Why Companies Are Moving from OEM Reps to Independent Telecom Agents

In our business, companies are increasingly choosing to get their...... Read More
Pat Halliday

Dear CFO: It’s Time to Get Your Head in the Clouds with UCaaS

In the business world today, SaaS (Software asa Service) or Cloud...... Read More
Mike Jorgensen

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