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    Contact Center as a Service

    Design a cloud-based contact center experience around your customer needs

    Your customers expect high levels of care and efficiency at every touchpoint. We help organizations from every industry find the right contact center solution for their business transformation and growth goals. We’ll also help you get the very best out of features that deliver better experiences for your customers and drive greater cost-savings.

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    Every customer, any touch point

    Get rid of technology silos and seamlessly integrate all your customer-facing services without exhausting your IT teams. Empower your agents with the tools to ensure helpful and efficient customer contact, while offering a single, user-friendly interface for every customer interaction. 

    Humanize each customer, harmonize the experience

    Your customers are always on the go. Nurture strong relationships by giving them the freedom to select their preferred communication channel, whether it's through phone, email, social media, chat, or text. 

    Streamlined interactions, more effective engagements

    Improve your efficiency by accessing a comprehensive 360° customer view. With flexible and informative analytics and reporting, you can gain a deeper understanding of your performance and continually enhance it. 

    Cost-effective and always compliant

    Turn your capital costs into operational expenses with our flexible cloud model, allowing you to easily scale up as your business expands. Our solutions are supported by important industry certifications to ensure regulatory compliance, providing a secure environment for your customers and safeguarding your reputation across channels.

    Contact Center Managed Services (CCMS)

    Leave the management of your contact center solution to us, so your CX team focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

    Our CCMS are an ideal fit for:

    1. Medium-sized businesses and enterprises in need of reliable contact center assistance to effectively manage incidents around the clock.

    2. IT leaders tasked with deploying solutions that maintain cost predictability, even in situations where customers' needs may vary. 

    3. Contact centers that depend on various vendors for their operations but would benefit from centralization of management. 
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    Multi-Vendor partner with no added pressure 

    Genesys, Five9, Anywhere365, name it. We partner with the full complement of Cloud Contact Center leaders—to help drive more meaningful dialogue with vendors when evaluating their CCaaS products. 

    Multi-site support with global reach 

    With technical support available worldwide, the number of worksites . You can rely on our team of expert service providers in each country to deliver the right services tailored specifically to your business location. 

    Customizable and extensible from solutions to services 

    Our network is always there to meet the needs of your business. As you expand we have the resources available to extend your communications network with ease. 

    Good for your bottom line

    Tap into economies of scale and our global buying power as your provider. We’ll pass savings along to you from procurement and purchasing to solution deployment and management—all done under one contract.  

    Your SINGLE service provider

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    A Single

    managing all aspects of your communications environment 

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    A Single

    for every worksite no matter where they are in the world 

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    A Single

    that right-sizes service levels based on the technology or location 

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    A Single Point of Contact

    to manage and solve issues across vendors, users, and devices 


    Ready to integrate AI into your customer experience via contact centers?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools, have the power to increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty. Optimize omnichannel journeys and empower customers to find answers to their inquiries independently with self-service features.

    Bring AI to your CX

    CCaaS FAQs

    What is CCaaS?

    Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is cloud-based, provider-hosted software solution used for communicating with customers. Essentially, it’s an ideal business solution for enhancing customer experience. Simply put, CCaaS is a great business solution for for enhancing the customer experience. Want to learn more? We wrote a CCaaS blog for you!

    What is the difference between CCaaS and UCaaS?

    CCaaS is not to be confused with UCaaS, though the two are only one letter apart. UCaaS (unified communications as a service) provides organizations with unified communication solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom.

    Is Continuant a CCaaS provider?

    Are Contact Centers and Call Centers the same thing?

    Both call centers and contact centers strive to enhance the client experience, but they go about it in different ways.

    A call center uses incoming and outgoing calls to link clients with agents. Contrarily, contact centers allow clients to interact with agents or self-serve options via a variety of channels.

    However, because of digitization and shifting consumer expectations, the majority of businesses favor a contact center service. However, call centers are less expensive to run and can manage a large volume of client calls. Additionally, they give the entire customer experience a human touch.

    How do I choose a CCaaS vendor?


    Ready to transform your contact center experience?

    Unleash the power of seamless communication, instant support, and unparalleled customer satisfaction with our CCaaS services for enterprise operators.

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