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    June 7, 2024

    The Power of Choice: What Does It Mean?

    Continuant originally adopted the tagline, The Power of Choice, to let customers know that they did not have to be locked into restrictive maintenance contracts that the Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) required. Working with Continuant gave the customer the power to choose the right level of service—one that was more cost-effective than the “solution” offered by the OEM.the power of choice and Continuant logo 

    As the marketplace and the company’s core competencies evolved, the company stopped using The Power of Choice, focusing instead on taglines that emphasized Continuant’s role in helping keep customers “connected”—a definite benefit in a new era of virtual and hybrid work. 

    Over the past five years, however, as it became industry standard to be “confidently connected,” Continuant continued to evolve and innovate alongside the UC marketplace, introducing a suite of offerings that—bottom line—put The Power of Choice right back into the hands of the customer: 

    Choose Your Timeline 

    If you are looking to sunset your copper landlines and move to cloud-based telephony, you can decide your schedule—we won’t force you to make the transition until you are ready to do so. Because Continuant offers a hybrid calling solution that bridges the gap, you can choose to decommission your hardware in stages—with no disruption to your business operations.  

    Choose your Carrier  

    Keep your telephone provider, choose a new one, or use Continuant as your carrier. It’s up to you. Locked into a contract? With Continuant Connect, you can still consolidate your communications and use our network-powered solution to enjoy cheaper calling rates without violating your contract. 

    Choose your UCaaS Products 

    Continuant also gives you the power to choose your preferred technology. Prefer Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, or other UC apps? We help you set things up so the technology you prefer serve as the hub of your internal and external communications,  

    Choose your Service Level  

    The Power of Choice doesn’t stop there. It extends as far as our Managed Services offerings, where you, the Customer, can choose the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and level of support that makes sense for your organization.  

    Choose how YOU Adopt to Change 

    We also make it easy for companies seeking to work with us on Adoption and Change Management (ACM), where there is NO one-size-fits-all.   

    At the heart of the company is a solution-agnostic philosophy that has been, one way or another, part of our ethos from the very beginning. Continuant listens to you, the customer, and works with you to create a plan that fits your budget, your timeline, and your business transformation goals. 

    It’s in Our DNA  

    Continuant has a proud history of standing up for the customer, particularly back when options for maintenance and service outside the OEM were extremely limited. In those early days of being one of the few providers to give the customer this unexpected power, it was difficult to find a way to convey—in a punchy, memorable tagline—this rather novel idea of letting the customer decide.  

    Continuant did what a lot of companies in its position would do: It hired an ad copywriter to come up with several taglines.   

    Talented as the copywriter (with a string of awards to his name) proved to be, the options just didn’t cut it. So, CEO Doug Graham did what he would often do in such situations: He took matters into his own hands. 

    After reviewing the tagline options, Graham closed the door to his office, picked up his yellow pad and pencil, and went to work. What was missing from the copywriter’s offerings? What did Continuant bring to the market that no other company was able to provide?  

    After a few minutes of writing down ideas, Graham had one of those “Eureka!” moments. The tagline he had written down reflected the company’s core belief that monopolistic control over the market—where the customer had little choice—was bad for business. Graham, yellow pad in hand, called a few of the marketing, sales, and communications team into his office for a big reveal of the slogan Graham knew expressed everything the company was doing in the early days to “stop the OEM cycle of dependence.”  

    The new tagline? The Power of Choice. 

    This tagline served the company well for more than two decades. It stood as a reminder that the customer always had the right to choose their provider for maintenance and service. Indeed, Continuant’s bold position in the market also led to the creation of the “Right to Repair” movement, now active in several US states.  

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