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    How AbbVie made its cloud migration a not so hard pill to swallow

    Chicago, IL
    Fortune 500 List
    Users Migrated to Teams

    Though Avaya systems have been the go-to for organizations for decades, especially those with a global reach, they’ve begun to really show their age. Modern businesses require the flexibility and agility of cloud solutions, but many of them, especially the larger ones, struggle to execute a system migration of enterprise magnitude. The process is often difficult and time-consuming, and if done wrong will cause more problems than it solves. 

    It’s for this reason that companies like AbbVie look for partners like Continuant to help design and deploy their new cloud solutions.  

    Originally, AbbVie hired Continuant to support its Avaya EMEA (Europe, The Middle East and Africa) systems. This included systems in locations such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine.  

    Once AbbVie realized Continuant could manage its systems on a global scale, AbbVie decided to partner with Continuant for its migration to Microsoft Teams Phone. This migration consisted of 30,000 users at locations all over the world. Continuant managed this by migrating 800 users, at each location, every Tuesday and Thursday. 

    With the migration complete, AbbVie can rest easy knowing that its communications have vastly improved. The partnership with Continuant remains, through which AbbVie can choose to deploy Teams Calling Managed Services or other solutions any time it needs to scale or optimize their environment. 

    The term Pharmaceutical Giant has never been more appropriate. AbbVie ranks #73 on the Fortune 500 list, employing more than 50,000 people across the globe. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, AbbVie’s treated more than 75 different conditions. In 2022, the organization invested $7.1 billion in clinical research and development.  

    AbbVie relies heavily on its vast communication network, which was at one point an Avaya legacy system. To modernize its communications, AbbVie needed a trusted partner that could assist with a global migration to the cloud. 

    The Challenge: 

    • Legacy Avaya system for entire global network 
    • Challenges migrating to the cloud 

    The Solution: 

    • Global Avaya EMEA system support  
    • Professional migration services for 30,000 users to Microsoft Teams 


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