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    Cloud-forward UC is calling with Teams Phone

    Add voice capabilities to Microsoft Teams with our suite of Connect Calling Direct Routing solutions designed to meet your enterprise telephony needs.

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    Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

    Organizations that use Microsoft Teams for messaging, meetings, and collaboration are unifying their communications environment through Teams Phone. The primary challenge for enterprises is that out-of-the-box Microsoft Calling Plans and Operator Connect are unable to meet their feature requirements and complex system configurations.

    The good news? A flexible, scalable, and secure option is available with Direct Routing (DR) and DR as a Service (DRaaS). Get all the customization and control—from carrier choice to the pace of your cloud calling migration.  

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    Each offering is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of your voice environment. You can pick from one of Continuant's award-winning, carrier-grade cloud PSTN solutions or Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) to the migration party.

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    Experience the simplicity of calling with the power of Direct Routing—and enable your people to call from anywhere, on any device.

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    Feature-rich and future proof

    To use Direct Routing with Teams, you need to set up new Session Border Controllers. Once these SBCs are connected to both Teams and your telephony infrastructure, you can use Teams to make and receive calls using your existing telephone numbers and phone system. You can also turn on features such as:

    • E911
    • Call forwarding
    • Voicemail 
    • Call transfers
    • And connect analog devices

    Check out this article to learn more about Session Border Controls and how we support their integration. 

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    Continuant Connect Calling Features

    Our cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) supports the entire Microsoft Teams Calling lifecycle including migration, deployment, capacity management, support, analytics, and integration.

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    global network
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    Carrier-grade infrastructure
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    Enterprise-grade security and analytics
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    Available with Direct Routing as a Service

    Hybrid Connect Calling

    Upgrade to SIP and harness the power of Hybrid Calling, allowing your organization to unify communication channels over time. Easily transition PSTN connections while preserving valuable PBX expenditure - enabling UCaaS architecture on a timeline that suits your business goals.

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    Gold Standard Microsoft Partner

    We understand how challenging it can be to deploy and manage your UC at scale. As an Exclusive Microsoft Partner, we are here to help.

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