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    Avaya PBX Support

    Keep your Avaya phone systems running like new

    Get top-tier PBX service and support at a fraction of the cost of manufacturer contracts. We'll work together to create a personalized SLA that perfectly aligns with your telephony requirements and business objectives.

    World-class Avaya maintenance and support options

    As a Third Party Maintenance provider, we have the experience and expertise to keep your Avaya PBX systems running post-EoMS or during your migration to the cloud. Over the course of 25 years, we've partnered with 480+ companies including 25% of the Fortune 500—saving them an average of 40% and delivering better service than the original manufacturer.

    Our Avaya Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) includes:

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    No Pressure To Upgrade

    Our focus is on your needs and your timeline. We won’t pressure you to upgrade.

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    Tier 3 Engineer Access

    24/7 access to incident management and TAC from our Tier 3 engineers.

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    24/7 Support

    Our US-based support teams are on standby, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

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    Industry-Leading SLA

    In case of a system outage, we’ll restore your system in record time.

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    No Required Software Support 

    No need to pay for additional support for systems that still work.

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    Guaranteed Parts Availability 

    We guarantee that we’ll have the right parts you’ll need, even for older systems.

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    Dedicated Support Team

    One single point of contact for your dedicated support team.

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    Cost Savings

    On average, we save our customers 40% in maintenance costs.

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    Avaya's Extended Support:
    A Cycle of Dependence

    When systems are designated EoMS by Avaya, you’ll either be forced to upgrade or continue with limited or “best-effort” support. Support for Avaya systems can thus be a vicious cycle, requiring patches to fix bugs and pushing upgrades that will only cause more.

    Continuant's Maintenance Advantage Plan provides world-class support for your Avaya systems, even after EoMS has been announced for your system and at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you will never be pressured to upgrade.

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    Helping you plan for a transition

    While we will do everything we can to ensure your legacy system works as long as you wish, we’re also here for you whenever you’re ready to transition to the cloud.

    We’ll be able to help you design a roadmap, manage the transition and deploy your new Microsoft Teams solution, ensuring that your users fully embrace this new way of working.

    Global Multi-vendor PBX Support

    No matter the mix of systems in your calling environment, we can provide total support.

    Connect with us for a quick Avaya audit.

    In less than 30 minutes, we can determine if our Maintenance Advantage Plan is a good fit for your organization—saving you time and, potentially, a lot of money.

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