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    Avaya Support: PBX Maintenance and Migration Solutions

    Keep your Avaya PBX phone systems running like new

    Get top-tier PBX service and support at a fraction of the cost of manufacturer contracts. We'll work together to create a personalized SLA (service level agreement) that perfectly aligns with your telephony requirements and business objectives.

    World-class Avaya PBX maintenance and support options

    As a Third Party Maintenance provider, we have the experience and expertise to keep your Avaya PBX systems running post-EoMS (End of Manufacturer Support) or during your migration to the cloud. Over the course of years, we've partnered with 480+ companies including 25% of the Fortune 500—saving them an average of 40% and delivering better service than the original manufacturer.

    Our Avaya Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) includes:

    Your company deserves a better option to maintain and support your Avaya PBX systems, so we created one. Designed specifically for large organizations that want to extend the life of their Avaya phone system when manufacturer support ends, our world-class Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) allows you to continue to rely on your Avaya PBX phone system for as long as you need.


    No Pressure To Upgrade

    Our focus is on your needs and your timeline. We won’t pressure you to upgrade.


    Tier 3 Engineer Access

    24/7 access to incident management and TAC from our Tier 3 engineers.

    24 7

    24/7/365 Support

    Our US-based support teams are on standby, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


    Industry-Leading SLA

    In case of a system outage, we’ll restore your system in record time.

    no upgrade-1

    No Required Software Support

    No need to pay for additional support for systems that still work.


    Guaranteed Parts Availability

    We guarantee that we’ll have the right parts you’ll need, even for older systems.


    Dedicated Support Team

    One single point of contact for your dedicated support team.


    Cost Savings

    On average, we save our customers 40% in maintenance costs.

    OEM Cycle of Dependence Diagram: Bugs, Patches, Software Support, Upgrades

    Avaya's Extended Support:
    A Cycle of Dependence

    When systems are designated EoMS by Avaya, you’ll either be forced to upgrade or continue with limited or “best-effort” support. Support for Avaya systems can thus be a vicious cycle, requiring patches to fix bugs and pushing upgrades that will only cause more.

    Continuant's Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) provides world-class support for your Avaya systems, even after EoMS has been announced for your system and at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you will never be pressured to upgrade.

    Helping you plan for a PBX transition to the Cloud.

    While we will do everything we can to ensure your legacy Avaya system works as long as you wish, we’re also here for you whenever you’re ready to transition to the cloud.

    We’ll be able to help you design a roadmap, manage the transition and deploy your new Microsoft Teams solution, ensuring that your users fully embrace this new way of working.

    Continuant Connect

    Continuant Connect gives you the power of choice

    Easily migrate from your legacy voice system to the cloud with Continuant Connect. 

    Choose your timeline

    Shift from copper landlines to cloud-based telephony on your schedule. Our hybrid calling solution bridges the gap, so you can decommission hardware in stages with no disruption to business operations. 

    Choose your carrier 

    Keep your telephone provider, pick a new one, or choose us as your carrier—it’s up to you. Locked into a contract? With Continuant Connect, you can still consolidate your communications and use our internet-powered solution to enjoy cheaper calling rates without violating your contract.  

    Choose your UCaaS products

    The power to pick your technology is in your hands. Choose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, and other UC apps to serve as the hub of your internal and external communications.

    Explore the platform

    Avaya MAP FAQs

    What is a PBX?

    PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange System, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog. A PBX or PABX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users. Additionally, it provides features like transfer calls, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs) and call queues. Want to learn more? We wrote a blog for you!

    Can my organization move to the Cloud and still use our existing Avaya equipment?

    Absolutely! We design solutions that allow you to get the most mileage out of your on-prem Avaya PBX hardware while experiencing the benefits of a hybrid environment. Check it out!

    What is the difference between Connect Hybrid Calling and Avaya MAP?

    Continuant's Connect Hybrid Calling (CHC) is an enterprise-grade voice solution designed to fit your organization's voice-to-cloud timeline with Microsoft Teams Phone.

    Continuant’s Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) allows you to extend the life of your PBXs — with industry-leading third-party services — even when the OEM can no longer provide support.

    Avaya filed for bankruptcy — what now?

    Avaya's recent headlines have no doubt caused a lot of worry for organizations with Avaya systems. Continuant we can provide world-class Avaya support to organizations wondering, “what now?”. See how we can help.

    How much can we save with Avaya MAP?

    Continuant's Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) is built to be as cost-effective for its users as possible. Its price point is based on the standard cost of Avaya Extended Support. On average, we save our users 40% on maintenance costs. We can do a quick audit for you to determine just how much you can save with Avaya MAP.

    Global Multi-vendor PBX Support

    No matter the mix of systems in your calling environment, we can provide total support.

    Connect with us for a quick Avaya audit.

    In less than 30 minutes, we can determine if our Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) is a good fit for your organization—saving you time and, potentially, a lot of money.

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