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End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) for Avaya CM7: What’s next?

Bruce Shelby
April 16, 2020

Avaya’s End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) boiled down

Avaya has announced End of Sale (EoS) for Avaya Aura R7, also known as CM7, since CM8 has now been available since July 2018. As part of the EoS announcement, CM7 will also move to End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) status.

The following is an excerpt from Avaya’s announcement.

“End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS): Avaya will no longer provide on this software release, l Bug Fix, Patches, Design Root Cause Analysis, Feature Enhancements or Security Updates (i.e. if a new vulnerability is identified customer must move to current software release level for resolution).”

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Alternative Third-Party Maintenance for Avaya systems that are EoMS

In 2014 I wrote Avaya Software Support: Who Needs It? In that blog I wrote about why Avaya software support (which is, essentially, patches) was a waste of money for systems that are EoMS, as EOMS, by definition, means that no future patches will be provided. Many owners of Avaya CM5 systems moved their maintenance and support from Avaya to Continuant once CM5 went EoMS. In many cases, the new Continuant customer would first make sure that any licenses that may be needed were purchased from Avaya prior to the Avaya contract expiration. Likewise, if there were patches that were available (but not yet installed), the customer would apply those patches prior to the Avaya contract expiration.

In 2018 I wrote a similar blog about EoMS for CM6, in which I mentioned how owners of EoMS Avaya systems are at risk if they stay with Avaya for maintenance and support. Avaya does not guarantee parts availability and only provides “best effort” support for systems that are EoMS. Continuant, on the other hand, guarantees parts availability and SLAs.

The same will soon hold true as it applies to CM7, as CM7 is scheduled to move to EoMS as of October 14, 2020.

Temporary Avaya Support for a future transition to the cloud

Some Avaya system owners will want to upgrade to CM8. At the same time, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers are looking for a way to keep systems in a steady state while reducing costs. Many will be evaluating their move to one of the two Unified Collaboration heavyweights – Microsoft or Cisco. But the evaluation of Microsoft, Cisco, or another UC or UCaaS provider may move to the “back burner” for a while. During this time, Continuant can stabilize your CM7 system, provide a higher level of service, eliminate pressure to upgrade, and help contain costs.

Extend the life of your Avaya CM7.0

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