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    April 22, 2019

    Continuant and Cisco: Infinitely Customizable and Scalable Roadmaps

    What does it mean to be a Cisco Managed Services Partner? A Cisco Partner sells Cisco’s industry-leading systems and services to other businesses, helping them stay on top in a world of rapidly evolving technology. It’s a title that carries an inference of knowledge, dedication, and results. With that in mind, you can imagine it’s not the sort of title to be used lightly. Continuant happens to be one of these Managed Services Partners with many years of experience. This means that we can provide the full spectrum of Cisco technology in a way that ensures their scalability and flexibility. The possibilities are endless! 

    Partnering with IT

    In recent years, especially with the onset of the cloud, businesses all over the world have struggled to keep up with the growing demands on IT. Often, these businesses’ in-house departments can’t maintain the new technology in the manner that the cloud requires, making their system more costly and difficult rather than saving them time and money. It’s because of this that Cisco offers its managed services to help accelerate the transition to the cloud. With the expertise of a Cisco partner like Continuant comes a guarantee of increased efficiency and mitigated risk.

    As great as this all might sound, you might still have some apprehension about handing over control to a third-party. Outsourcing IT services does usually require a big sacrifice - eliminating more mundane tasks from your department’s workload. Fortunately, Cisco’s managed services doesn’t require forfeiting any visibility or control. This is, after all, a partnership, not a hostile takeover.

    The most important thing about being a Cisco Managed Services Provider is the partnership. Our goal isn’t to take over your IT department, but to work with it to help transform your network. We want to make sure your system is not only scalable, but self-sufficient.

    There are a lot of demands placed on IT in the modern workplace. With new advancements in communication, collaboration, and the cloud, IT departments are given the impossible task of always staying up-to-date and ahead of the game with their expertise while also avoiding the risks and delays that come from bringing on new resources. Despite that, the Internet of Everything churns out new technological revolutions regularly, constantly requiring more from your staff. These are the people you need on hand for day-to-day management and infrastructure support.

    Cisco Managed Services is the ideal way to avoid these problems. Continuant has all the expertise needed to run your solution. When we’re around, we expertly handle larger tasks and challenges, leaving your IT staff to perform within reasonable expectations.

    There are numerous different forms of service that Cisco provides. Worried about the increased presence on your network? Look no further than Cisco Managed Services for Collaboration. Worried about new threats to your network? Cisco Managed Services for Security has all the help you need. Looking to make your data center simpler and easier to manage? That’s where Cisco Managed Services for Data Centers comes in. There really is no limit on what Continuant, as a Cisco Managed Services Partner, can do for you.


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    Brenda Brooks

    Brenda brings to Continuant more than 20 years in the field of communications technologies. In addition to expertise in traditional telecom, Brenda has significant experience in both Unified Communications and cloud solutions. Her tenure in the industry allows her to provide a consultative approach to complex and...

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