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Supporting Technology for This Technical College 

Clover Park Technical College

A training program to help the war effort back in 1941 gave rise to a vital member of Washington’s higher education. With two campuses in Lakewood and Puyallup, this school boasts more than forty programs training students in technology and engineering. With classes in everything from aerospace to hospitality, this school couldn’t simply make do with outdated equipment. 

Clover Park Technical College Building

The Challenge

  • Outdated AV equipment 
  • Poor overall classroom experience 
  • Previous AV vendor no longer in business 

The Solution

  • Straightforward and intuitive Audio & Visual Classroom Solution with new equipment and consistent functionality 
  • Audio-Visual Solution aligned with the school's mission 
  • Extron Polevault providing modern classroom experience 
  • Quick and frictionless purchasing process with Continuant’s state contract 

The Story  

It all started with War Production Training. Back when school districts were tasked with aiding the war effort during the Second World War, Clover Park High School lent its shop to train mechanics. It’s since grown into a technical college with more than 6,500 students and now offers more than 40 programs in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, health sciences, human services, business, hospitality, science, technology, engineering, transportation, and trades. 

This college found itself faced with a problem that can happen to even the best educational institutions. Outdated AV technology weakened the classroom experience with low-quality resolution projectors, speakers with low-quality sound, and a system that altogether proved difficult to use. To make matters worse, the college’s AV vendor had just gone out of business. 

For classrooms in any education facility, AV is nothing to be taken lightly. Many students are visual learners, meaning their experience will be drastically improved if they have access to quality video. More complex systems also allow for students to interact with the technology in a variety of ways via tablets or other devices. 

Some schools struggle to stay on top of current trends in the AV world and may find it difficult to maintain a consistent experience between each classroom. Also, AV technology isn’t particularly cheap, and the wrong purchasing decision can lead to nothing short of a budget disaster. Fortunately, problems such as these are the kind an AV solution designer like Continuant is more than equipped to handle. 

As an approved AV solutions provider for the State of Washington, Continuant came on to help Clover Park build the solution it needed. The Extron PoleVault systems Continuant provided brought a total classroom transformation and proved just how vital quality AV could be. 

PoleVault is a complete, centralized control system that provides an energy-efficient and intuitive AV experience. Flat Field speakers combined with a VoiceLift microphone provide consistent, quality audio anywhere in the classroom. It’s easy to use and can integrate with equipment from any AV manufacturer.  

With its modernized classrooms, Clover Park Technical College can provide a better experience for students and faculty alike. 

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