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Why the Leader in Connectivity Turns to Continuant to Keep Connected 

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With the “insatiable demand for a more connected world” growing daily, TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) has focused its resources on “creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future.” 

Such is the vision of its CEO, Terrence R. Curtin, who has tasked every one of the company’s 75,000 employees—including more than 7,000 engineers—to work with customers to “co-create” solutions “to solve their toughest problems and turn ideas into innovations that move the world forward—from autonomous vehicles, next generation aircraft and smart factories to advanced medical devices and connected homes.” 

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The Challenge

  • More than 20 locations needing Avaya support 
  • Pressure to upgrade from OEM 
  • Expensive contract with less than desirable service 

The Solution

  • Support for Avaya systems in all locations 
  • No pressure to upgrade to already outdated Avaya technology 
  • Better service for a better price 
  • Extended lifespan for Avaya system 

The Story

A tall order under any circumstances, but this can-do company whose roots date back to 1941 when Aircraft Marine Products got its start manufacturing solderless electrical connections for quick and removable wire connection used for aircraft and ships, is leading the charge in tackling some of the worlds’ most difficult challenges. This insistence upon taking on big things is expressed best in its Corporate Responsibility Report, “Today’s Impossible is Tomorrow’s Awesome.” 

The list of “awesome things” includes renewable energy solutions for the power grid, working with aviation partners on reducing the use of fossil fuels to building safer roads through the use of sensors that can “read” traffic to enabling the Internet of Things and building the sensors, connectors, cables, and antennas that keep the world connected, TE Connectivity is leading the charge to source responsibly, value employees, provide value to shareholders, and—above all else, to innovate as a way of bringing about “a cleaner, greener, safer, smarter, and more beautiful world.”  Toward that end, the company has invested $650 million in research and development efforts, and today has more than 14,000 patents issued. 

There was one thing that this company feared it may be investing too much into, that being its Avaya systems. It goes without saying that a company such as this one would look to stay connected between its numerous locations, and while its legacy system allowed it to do that for a time, they soon began receiving pressures to upgrade their technology. Not only was this a cost intensive decision, but to make matters worse, the upgraded technology wasn’t up to date any more than its current system. It needed help from a partner who could make things right. 

Pressuring users into upgrading is something Continuant has never wanted to do, and nowhere did this ring truer than with TE. Instead, Continuant provided support for TE’s Avaya systems at 26 different locations at a decent price that wasn’t at all contingent on upgrades. 

Thanks to Continuant, TE’s Avaya system has lived longer than anticipated. For however long this company needs, Continuant will continue to provide support and guidance to keep it connected. 

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