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Keeping your Avaya Phone Systems Running
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Keeping your Avaya systems running in today’s changing industry isn’t as easy as it once was. Where do you get parts in case of a system outage? Is your system approaching End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS)? What about Avaya's Extended Support Policy? Are there other support options outside of Avaya themselves? Fortunately, our maintenance and support with Avaya systems can resolve all these problems. 

Your Alternative when Man
ufacturer Support Ends
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End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) is a problem for a lot of Avaya system owners. When systems are designated EoMS by Avaya, you’ll either be forced to upgrade or continue with limited or “best effort” support. With Continuant, you can receive world class support for your EoMS systems, and you'll never be pressured to upgrade.  Upgrade the Avaya systems or replace them on your schedule and when it makes sense for your business. 

We support all major Avaya systems.

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How do you know you're asking the right questions?

When considering Avaya's Extended Support or to a Third-Party Maintenance provider (TPM), it is important to ask the right questions.  We have created a simple checklist to set you up for success in the decision-making process.

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Should you commit to Avaya's Extended Support?

Why work with a Third-Party Maintenance provider?  

Are you considering transitioning to a UC solution?

The Continuant Support Promise 

We’re here for you, and that means we can offer: 

Monitoring & Support 

Ongoing real-time alarm monitoring and technical hotline support. 

Guaranteed Resolution 

Industry-leading Service Level Agreements with an optional guaranteed time to restore.

Your Continuant Team 

A dedicated customer service team that knows your business and works with you to ensure that your systems operate at peak efficiency. 

Guaranteed Parts Availability 

A parts guarantee for even your oldest systems. 

Rapid Replacements  

Rapid onsite repair and parts replacement anywhere in the world. 

Plan the Future 

Access to Design Engineers and Solutions Architects that can help you plan, with a vendor-neutral approach. 

Planning for a Transition
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While we will do everything we can to ensure your legacy system works as long as it can, we’re also here for you whenever you’re ready to transition to the cloud and deploy a new unified communications & collaboration solution. We’ll be able to help you draft a roadmap and manage the transition, ensuring that your users fully embrace this new way of working. 

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Success Stories
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Our clients know they can trust in our excellent service. 

With Continuant’s support, ADM no longer had to worry about tying up its time and resources with its communication systems and could now focus on its core business instead.

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

Merck cites both the high level of service and the cost-saving benefits of working with Continuant. It's gained a 60 percent cost savings over the OEM by having Continuant maintain and support its Avaya systems.

Merck & Company, Inc.

In 2015, Continuant stepped in, assuring Tech Data that its Call Centers—the “lifeline” of its business—would never be down for long.

Tech Data Corporation

“The benefit of this decision is that it allows UGA to future proof the technology investment by upgrading its messaging system without being forced into an Avaya PBX upgrade.” - Anonymous

University of Georgia

Continuant offered King County a cost-effective maintenance plan that could keep its legacy systems running during the transition, and has done so ever since.

King County

With the ability to provide on-site and remote support for all systems from each of is three vendors, 3M can rely on Continuant to save them time, money, and energy by being a single point of contact for every location.


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