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How this Game Developer Dominates its AV Spaces 

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For longtime Mac, PC, and Xbox gamers, Bungie needs no introduction. Started by two guys in a one-bedroom apartment, it’s since grown into a multimillion-dollar game developing company with more than 600 employees, responsible for the massively successful Halo and Destiny franchises. While this company may dominate when it comes to making games, it needed a helping hand to dominate its AV systems. 

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The Challenge

  • Surround sound theatre space with antiquated audio processor and video system 
  • Common area used for eating and meetings with archaic digital audio network 
  • Lack of 4K video and DTS processing 
  • Inconsistent experience across different spaces 

The Solution

  • Brand new Dante audio network with DTS processing 
  • 4K video screens and projectors 
  • Extron control system with dual mode to control both rooms 
  • Unified AV experience 

The Story  

Though its founders have been developing games for several decades, the independent company Bungie LLC as it’s known today didn’t exist until 2007. Having worked with Microsoft to produce the first three games in the Halo series, Bungie split off from the larger company to begin working on other projects. Since then, its newest series Destiny, originally made in partnership with Activision, has rocketed the company to new heights. 

Bungie firmly believes that “teams are stronger than heroes.” This mantra is what leads Bungie to build spaces that facilitate teamwork and camaraderie, such as an in-house theatre space and a common area that can double as a cafeteria and a meeting room. These spaces have been integral for the day-to-day life of the company’s employees, which is why when its AV systems began to show their age, Bungie looked for a new solution. 

In its theatre, Bungie struggled with an antiquated audio processor and video system. The common area suffered with similar problems, along with an archaic digital audio network. Bungie was looking for an opportunity to upgrade to 4K video and DTS processing, along with a way to create a unified experience between the two rooms. 

With Continuant’s help, Bungie implemented a solution that met its needs. A Dante digital audio network replaced its archaic predecessor, offering a DSP source that could connect both rooms for greater efficiency. The system also includes 4K video screens, a point source system for better coverage and output, QSC audio processors, Electrovoice speakers, Dynacourse application, Midas mixers, Digital Projection projectors, and an Extron control panel to run the whole thing.  

Like other multiroom solutions designed by Continuant, Bungie’s includes Dual Mode. In Simple Mode, the system can be easily controlled from the Extron panel by a user with any level of experience. In Performance Mode, more experienced users can take control using the mixers to create a more advanced experience. 

Designed and deployed in just a few weeks’ time, this new AV solution has drastically improved the teambuilding capabilities of these spaces significantly. Now, Bungie’s employees have a better way to come together and “punch a hole in the universe.” 

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