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The World’s First Customer Data Science Platform Deploys a New Teams Solution

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Every business in the world wants to be able to better serve its customers. Dunnhumby Ltd has developed a method to allow businesses to do that better than ever before. This London based company refers to itself as “the world’s first customer data science platform,” selling data analytics and consultation to companies looking to improve their customer service. Luckily for them, the companies that would help Dunnhumby with its Teams direct routing are just as fiercely dedicated to serving their customers, if not more so 

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The Challenge

  • 1,700 users working with disparate collaboration tools 

The Solution

  • Single, unified collaboration solution with Microsoft Teams direct routing 

The Story  

From London, England, to its branches all over the world, Dunnhumby made use of a disparate array of communication and collaboration tools to deploy its data solutions to all manner of clients. What it wanted was a way to unify those different tools into a single solution. 

Continuant, in partnership with Tata Communications Ltd (TCL), deployed a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution for DunnhumbyBy enabling Direct Routing for Teams, Dunnhumby was able to use this one solution for inbound and outbound communications. Teams also provided all 1,700 users with business messaging, conferencing and collaboration capabilities all within a single interface. 

Dunnhumby has completed Phase 1 of its planned rollout, which involves enabling 1,700 users across 19 countries. Phase 2 will expand that number, enabling an additional 800 users across 13 countries. 

When it comes to providing vital customer data to companies all over the world, no expenses can be spared. That’s why Dunnhumby knows it can count on peerless service from both Continuant and TCL. 

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