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How the "Creators of Conviviality" Use Microsoft Teams to Keep Spirits High 

Pernod Ricard Logo

Based in Paris, France, Pernod Ricard is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing alcoholic drinks. This company deals with approximately 50 different brands including Absolut, Beefeater, The Glenlivet, and Jameson, and has branded itself the “creators of conviviality.” Fittingly, it was the conviviality between several different entities that helped Pernod Ricard with its Teams Direct Routing. 

Pernod Ricard

The Challenge

  • 20,000 user system with no direct routing 

The Solution

  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution 

The Story  

While Pernod Ricard’s main base may be in continental Europe, it also operates out of its US headquarters in New York, New York. With an entire ocean separating these key locations, maintaining communication is essential. This is even more true with the onset of COVID-19, as more workers are forced to work remote.  

Microsoft Teams provides a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform that can prove indispensable during a pandemic such as this. Though Teams would be useful enough as is, Pernod Ricard needed it to be able to connect to its existing phone system, one already being used by 20,000 users. Fortunately for Pernod Ricard, it soon became clear that Teams was more than capable of meeting these analog requirements. 

Continuant, through its partnership with Tata Communications Ltd (TCL), joined with Pernod Ricard to help set up a Direct Routing Microsoft Teams solution. Now the cloud collaboration and video conferencing functions of Team will work in tandem with the booze producer’s legacy voice system. 500 users have already been migrated, with 1,500 more well on the way. 

As the migration continues, Pernod Ricard knows it can rely on the dynamic duo of Continuant and TCL to make sure its voice systems and Teams solution stay functioning when it needs them most. 

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