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How a Provider of Quality Products Received a Solution that Met its Standards

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First Quality is a company that aims to prove just how much it cares for its customers and their communities. From household to baby care products, this company provides quality products for both its retail and healthcare products. Besides needing support for their Siemens voice solution during a Cisco migration, it needed a proper meetings solution so its executives could better collaborate with other executives.  


The Challenge

  • Need for ongoing Siemens phone system support during transition to Cisco 
  • Lack of high-end executive meeting spaces 

The Solution

  • Full support for Siemens system during Cisco migration 
  • Full Microsoft Teams executive Meeting Rooms 
  • AV managed services for all meetings spaces 

The Story

First Quality holds itself and those it works with to a very high standard. Its technology partners are no exception. Using a legacy Siemens voice system, First Quality planned a transition to a Cisco solution. First Quality needed to make sure the Siemens system remained operational during the transition. 

First Quality brought on Continuant to support its Siemens system. The maintenance and support from Continuant allowed First Quality to transition to a new Cisco system, ensured all the while that its investment in Siemens would be protected.  

In addition to keeping First Quality’s legacy systems running during its Cisco transition, Continuant suggested implementing new Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms for both everyday use and executive level conferences. The result was a major upgrade for First Quality’s meeting spaces. 

An integration with Microsoft Teams provided a solution that made voice and video collaboration more effective and intuitive than ever before. These rooms came complete with industry-leading AV equipment, incorporating the entire line of Crestron Flex solutions from the M, B, and C Series. 

First Quality has already upgraded about a dozen of its meeting rooms. It’s also brought Continuant on to help upgrade and maintain meeting rooms at its location in Canada. These new rooms provide a modern collaboration experience for First Quality’s employees. Beyond that, these rooms allow First Quality’s executives to carry out meetings with other executives around the world.  

At every level, First Quality’s teams are now connected worldwide.  

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