The story

The mega-merger created a decentralized firm that describes itself as “polycentric” and diverse in terms of geography, culture, language, and nationalities within it. And while this diversity generates vibrant energy and produces innovative solutions for clients, in 2014, one year after the merger was complete, the firm knew it had to centralize one area of its US-based business: Its Avaya telephone systems.

When it came to dealing with Avaya systems, Dentons had it rough to say the least. Its initial Avaya provider proved virtually impossible to contact. This led to a slew of unresolved issues, culminating in a total system shut down lasting several days. A change was long overdue, but unfortunately, that change came with its own host of problems.

Dentons’ initial partner failed to adequately handle its migration to a new Cisco solution. The process wound up taking far too long, and by the time Dentons began looking for a new partner, time was tight. It seemed this law firm’s communications were doomed to a life sentence.