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Why a Top-Ranked University Keeps Continuant on Speed-Dial 

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Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia (UGA) is the oldest state-chartered university in the United States. Located on a 762-acre campus in Athens, Georgia—some 60 miles from Atlanta—UGA has a population of 36,574 undergraduate and graduate students and 3,060 distinguished faculty members. It also has an Avaya system that it’s been able to support for a long time, thanks in part to a little help from a trustworthy provider. 

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The Challenge

  • Aging, unsupported Avaya modular system 
  • Lack of guidance for transition to AVST CX-E enterprise UC solution 
  • Time wasting internal troubleshooting 
  • Lack of support from tier III engineers 
  • Needless difficulty when dealing with original provider 

The Solution

  • Migration to an AVST CX-E enterprise UC solution with 48 ports supporting over 6,000 users 
  • Time saving troubleshooting from Continuant 
  • Access to tier 3 engineers 
  • Quick problem resolution with phone support 
  • Upgraded messaging system with no pressure to upgrade PBX 

The Story

Most recently, Forbes magazine ranked UGA #23 in its top public universities list, with U.S. News and World Report ranking the school #16 on its “Best Public Universities” list. 

As a public Land Grant, Regional Sun Grant, National Sea Grant, and National Space Grant research university, UGA embraces the motto, “To learn, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things.” 

When it came to its Avaya system, this University thought for certain that it could manage everything on its own. This proved true to an extent, but UGA soon found that it wasn’t very efficient. It wanted to migrate to a new UC solution, but didn’t have the proper guidance it needed to do so. Worse yet, the University needed access to tier 3 engineers to help take the burden of troubleshooting off its own staff. 

As this system continued to age, Continuant came on to help UGA with its migration to an AVST CX-E enterprise UC solution with 48 ports supporting over 6,000 users. The University now has access to support from tier III engineers with a knack for troubleshooting. Continuant’s phone support provides quick problem resolution, and it’s been able to upgrade the University’s messaging system without strong arming it into upgrading its PBX system. 

Dennis Tyler, the account executive formerly assigned to UGA, had this to say about it: “The benefit of this decision is that it allows UGA to future proof the technology investment by upgrading its messaging system without being forced into an Avaya PBX upgrade.” 

Just another reason that UGA keeps Continuant on speed-dial!  

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