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    Boston Scientific’s Innovative Approach Found a Transformative UC Partner in Continuant

    Marlborough, MA
    ~ 41,000
    $ 11 billion+

    The Background

    They say it takes spirit to make science more collaborative, and Boston Scientific has spirit in spades. Dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions, this Massachusetts-based company serves more than 30 million patients across 120 different countries. Boston Scientific has proven over the years to be reliable, empathetic, and most of all smart, especially when it came to its communication and collaboration solutions.

    The solution

    In 2018, Boston Scientific began a discussion with Continuant about support for its Avaya systems at all international sites. After two years of consistent support, Boston Scientific moved to include both its international and domestic sites as part of the contract.

    Continuant's support for Avaya includes access to Tier III engineers and a worldwide parts guarantee. It also opens the door for a possible migration to a cloud-based solution like Microsoft Teams under the same contract. 

    And that's just what Boston Scientific did. In 2021, the company began leaving its now over 20-year-old Avaya system behind and migrating to Teams. Boston Scientific initially wanted to do this with its own IT team, but as it realized how many innovative solutions it would need, it chose to let Continuant handle the migration instead. 

    In the US and UK, Boston Scientific had little trouble migrating users. In other countries, however, deployments became a bit more complicated. Continuant provided a Direct Routing as a service solution that met the unique needs of each location, and navigated Boston Scientific through its tangled web of carriers, SIP networks, and PSTN requirements.

    The challenge

    Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world and—with their global reach—it would come as no surprise that this company relies on a very extensive communication network.

    Like many other companies in the industry, Boston Scientific used an Avaya system in 70 locations across 45 countries. Unfortunately, the company had auto-renewed its “best effort” support contract with Avaya, which meant it wouldn’t be able to get the levels of support it needed without investing in a $2 million upgrade.

    Boston Scientific

    The outlook

    Continuant has provided quality support for Boston Scientific’s legacy Avaya systems. Now that these systems have been replaced, Continuant continues to provide support for Boston Scientific's Microsoft Teams environment.

    Boston Scientific has saved hundreds of thousands a year with the Avaya system decommissioned, and its users are no longer tethered to 20-year-old desk phones.

    With one smart choice, Boston Scientific's digital environment is transformed.

    Let’s develop a powerful business case for bringing Continuant to your organization.

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