The story

With a sharp eye for innovation, Altisource sought out a way to improve its collaboration. Microsoft Teams seemed like the perfect system, but there was an issue. Without the proper training, its users wouldn’t be able to get the most out of this new system. Altisource needed quality adoption and enablement training, more than what could be contained in a single eBook or video. Just as an up and coming real estate investor might seek out service from Altisource, so too did Altisource seek out service for its Teams solution.

Tata Communications Ltd (TCL) and Continuant were the ones who could provide. These companies offered one-time user adoption and enablement training along with one-time tenant management training. The goal of the tenant management training was to help admins master the architecture of Teams, Teams Admin Center, and Teams Admin Portal. It may have only been one time, but one time was all Altisource needed.