The story

Today, from its Chicago headquarters, the company that calls itself “The biggest little company out there,” operates 500 crop procurement locations, 250 ingredient manufacturing facilities, 38 innovation centers, and the world’s premier crop transportation network. In early 2017, for the ninth consecutive year, Fortune magazine named ADM one of the most admired food production companies. Ranked #49 on the Fortune 500 list, ADM reported annual revenues of $64.3 billion. 

With its worldwide transportation network and more than 265 locations, ADM places a high value on communications and staying connected (“Everything we do starts with you”), connecting the farmers from whom it buys crops to the marketplace. 

Important connections require large communication systems, and for a long time, ADM relied on its Avaya infrastructure for this. What ADM soon realized was that maintaining a system like this one wouldn’t be easy and doing so on its own proved to be a waste of time and resources. What it needed was a partner that could provide support for the system at a reasonable price