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How Continuant Helped A Global Pharma Company Get Rid of its UC Migration Headache 


Bayer Corporation—the US division of global pharmaceutical giant, Bayer AG–employs some 16,300 people in the United States and generates $4.8 billion a year. For more than 150 years, the name “Bayer” has been associated with preventing and curing disease as well as the alleviation of pain. Focused on improving the quality of life by working in the fields of health care and agriculture, Bayer develops new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions, and focuses its research and development activities on understanding the biochemical processes in living organisms—humans, animals, and plants. 

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The Challenge

  • Legacy Avaya and Siemens systems in need of replacement 
  • Lack of insight for transition to Cisco solution 
  • Legacy system not likely to survive the transition 

The Solution

  • Managed services for 58 systems in more than 20 states 
  • Cost savings on service and equipment 
  • Extended system lifespan 
  • Deployment for new Cisco systems 

The Story

From its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Bayer Corporation oversees the US subsidiaries of the company’s three global divisions: Bayer HealthCare (pharmaceuticals, animal health, and over-the-counter medicines), Covestro (plastics, coatings, and polyurethanes), and Bayer CropScience (herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides). 

In addition, the company’s internal services unit, Bayer Business and Technology Services, handles administrative, technology, human resources, legal, and procurement functions for the Bayer Group’s US operations. Bayer Corp. currently has some 50 sales and manufacturing locations in the United States. 

For a while, Bayer relied on its legacy Avaya and Siemens systems, but as time went on, these legacy systems came dangerously close to end of life. The company knew it needed and wanted its old technology replaced with a new solution, but it didn’t have the proper insight to make this transition without spending far too much time and money. It needed a partner that could help it manage this change and keep its system alive for as long as possible. 

Because of Continuant’s track record of service and cost-savings, Bayer Corporation selected Continuant to help serve as a bridge company during the planned transition. With Continuant’s help, Bayer’s 58 systems in more than 20 different states across the country lived long enough to see through the transition. Along with that, Continuant also helped deploy new Cisco systems in at least 4 locations.  

Both during and after Bayer’s big transition, Continuant has been able to serve as “additional hands” on-site, making sure the company gets the best value it can for this wise investment. 

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