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Continuant Engineers Keep this Top Healthcare Organization’s Avaya System Alive and Well 


All over the world, Fortune 500 Healthcare Companies do important work to keep people alive and make groundbreaking discoveries in medicine. Ranked #172, Tenet Health is one of these companies. 

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The Challenge

  • Dissatisfaction with initial Avaya support 
  • 80 acute care hospitals, 20 short-stay surgical hospitals, and 470 outpatient centers in 12 US states 
  • Lack of access to Tier III engineers 

The Solution

  • 24/7 technical support and alarm monitoring 
  • Rapid parts replacement 
  • System design and upgrades for all facilities 
  • Access to tier III engineers 

The Story

Tenet, a leading healthcare services company, operates 80 acute care hospitals, 20 short-stay surgical hospitals, and 470 outpatient centers in 12 US states. Currently, Tenet Health employs some 102,000 professionals and generates $18 billion in revenue annually. 

Back in 2004, this healthcare organization decided that the service it received from its initial Avaya provider wasn’t satisfactory. As is usually the case, it was paying far more than it needed for relatively low-quality support. Worse yet, the company had no access to tier III engineers to help maintain its system. This wasn’t the kind of support such a massive organization could rely on to continue its important work. 

That same year, it found the kind of support that it could rely on. Continuant provided a suite of managed services, including technical support, alarm monitoring, parts replacement, and upgrades for systems in all facilities including:

Coral Gables Hospital (Coral Gables, FL), Florida Medical Center (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Good Samaritan Hospital (West Palm Beach, FL), MacNeal Hospital (Berwyn, IL), Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Sierra Vista Hospital (San Luis Obispo, CA), Spalding Regional Medical Center (Griffin, GA), Valley Baptist Medical Center (Harlingen, TX), Westlake Hospital (Melrose Park, IL), and West Suburban Medical Center (Oak Park. IL).  

Best of all, the company now had access to Tier III engineers, allowing its Avaya system to operate at peak efficiency.  

Several years ago, Tenet divested Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA); Continuant still supports the Avaya systems at this hospital, which is the second largest hospital in Los Angeles. 

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