The story

This century-old, privately held company today ranks as the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the United States based on revenue. In 2018, the company boasted revenues of $28.1 billion, making it the 10th largest privately held company in the United States.

From its headquarters in Keene, NH, C&S delivers more than 140,000 unique items (referred to as SKUs or stock-keeping items)—ranging from meat, seafood, dairy, deli, candy, bakery, and produce, for example—from 50 high-tech facilities to some 6,500 corporate customers primarily in the Northeastern and Southeastern US states, as well as California and Hawaii.

Under its corporate motto, the company maintains four Core Initiatives: Eliminating Hunger, Strengthening Communities, Protecting the Environment, and Encouraging Volunteerism. In each, C&S works hard to “participate in our communities as an engaged, values-driven corporate citizen.”

In an industry where supply must meet demand in the most efficient way possible, C&S Wholesale Grocers places a high value on staying in touch and clear communication with its 17,000 employees, its 6,500 retail customers, and the broader community. With a complex system from several different carriers including Avaya, this wasn’t an easy thing to do.