The story

Veritiv was established in 2014 when paper distributors Unisource and International Paper's xPedx division merged. Veritiv is #347 on the Fortune 500 list and has 8,700 employees. Along with its high-quality products, Veritiv boasts excellent communication and timing, staying on time for shipping and answering phone calls as quickly as possible. For years, this company relied on Avaya systems spread throughout multiple call centers, but those days weren’t meant to last forever.

It came to pass that Veritiv’s Avaya system was nearing the end of its life. Avaya had no options to provide the company, and so, with little else to do, Veritiv began looking for other solutions entirely. Enticed by greater collaborative features, it decided to take steps to adopt a Unified Communications solution. This proved to be no easy feat, as the company had no real insight into how it should go about transitioning to a totally new platform. It needed an advisor to help it make the proper decisions.