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Continuant is on this Northwest Superstore’s List for Siemens Support 


“What’s on your list today? You’ll find it at Fred Meyer.” 

For Pacific Northwest residents, this catchy advertising jingle illustrates the phenomenal success of a homegrown chain of superstores that pioneered the concept of one-stop shopping for cost-conscious consumers. Not unlike its customers, Fred Meyer and its parent company looked to make a cost-efficient choice when it needed support for its Siemens system, hoping to find a partner it could trust. 


The Challenge

  • Sprawling phone system in need of trustworthy maintenance 
  • Relied heavily on maximum uptime for their Siemens system 
  • Siemens systems at 135 locations nationwide requiring 24/7 support 

The Solution

  • Support for all siemens systems in all locations, including stores and distribution centers 
  • Protection for investment until the company transitions to Cisco

The Story

Founded in 1922 by its namesake, Fred G. Meyer—who started by selling cherries at a roadside stand in Brooklyn, New York—the company is now part of Cincinnati-based grocery giant, The Kroger Company, following its 1998 merger. 

Ranking 20th on the Fortune 500 list, the Kroger Company is the third-largest grocery retailer in the world and the largest by revenue in the United States ($121.16 billion). 

As one can imagine, it takes a lot of hardware to keep a mega chain of superstores connected across the nation. Indeed, the Kroger company relied very heavily on its Siemens systems, and needed a partner that could provide 24/7 support for 135 different locations (132 stores, and 3 distribution centers). 

Continuant proved more than capable of doing so. Though it was no easy task, Continuant has managed support for all 135 locations, keeping the 30-year-old phone systems alive and protecting the Kroger company’s investment as it plans its transition to Cisco. 

Clearly, when excellence in service was on Kroger’s “list,” they found it at Continuant. 

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