The story

Valley Medical Center (VMC) provides a healing environment for its patients. Valley’s patients can receive anything from wellness checks to critical care. Its recognized medical specialties are in joint replacement and orthopedics, neuroscience, stroke and spine, sleep medicine, and childbirth and neonatal care. It also provides specialized cardiovascular and cancer treatment.

For the last few decades VMC, like many large healthcare organizations, has utilized an enterprise class Avaya phone system. When VMC’s modular messaging voicemail system stopped working, it didn’t have personnel on hand with the proper experience. With a tight budget and patients to care for, VMC needed a quick and affordable solution.

To get VMC’s voicemail back online as soon as possible, Continuant proposed an AVST/XMedius XM Connect Voicemail Solution. The XM Connect provided a secure method of voicemail transcription that helped keep uptime high. It seamlessly integrated with the hospital’s existing environment, making it the perfect solution.