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Premium Support for your Phone Systems  

Decades of Industry-Leading PBX Maintenance & Support
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Since our start in 1996, Continuant has worked with clients worldwide to support their telephony environments.  However, our approach to PBX maintenance has changed over the years. Initially, we operated as a partner to some of the leading OEMs. However, we noticed that the cycle of investing in a system, then signing a support contract with the manufacturer, left our clients’ hands tied.  These companies deserved a better option, so we made one ourselves.  Continuant’s Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) was created to get you the support you need, with no End of Life in sight.  

Business Phone Call


24/7 Support

Real-time alarm monitoring and technical support.



Global Coverage

Maintaining endpoints in nearly 100 countries.


Forward Thinking

Solutions architects to help you plan for the future.

Third-Party Maintenance: Flexibility without Pressure to Upgrade
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Most manufacturers require you to upgrade your systems in their timeframe, or their SLAs will default to “best effort”. You don’t have the freedom to stay on legacy systems that are working fine for you if you’re not ready to invest in an upgrade just yet. 

Third Party Maintenance for your legacy PBX systems is cost-effective, but that’s not the only reason to make the move. It also gives you new opportunities and freedom to make business decisions without feeling pressure from the manufacturer. 

PBX Maintenance and Support

When the Time is Right for Unified Communications 
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The final major benefit of working with a TPM for the maintenance of your PBX environment is the support that will be available to you when you decide the time is right for a new solution. Working with a company like Continuant will help ensure that your move to UC is accomplished on your ideal company timeline, not the timeline imposed by the manufacturer.  

Today’s market-leading companies are recognizing the benefits of a move to a collaboration solution. Working with a partner that can help you navigate this decision will prove indispensable as you position yourself to compete in the future.  

Third Party Maintenance

Continuant served as the single point of contact whenever CHS’s affiliate hospitals need support or maintenance on their voice systems.

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