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Introducing A New Cycle of Maintenance 

Having operated as a partner to some of the leading OEMs, we noticed that the cycle of investing in a system, then signing a support contract with the manufacturer, left our clients’ hands tied. These companies deserved a better option, so we made one ourselves. 

Continuant’s Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) is a plan created to change the cycle of maintenance, giving PBX owners more freedom. As a Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) provider, Continuant will keep your PBX systems running as good as new with world class support. Our contracts are extremely competitive, and come with no pressure to upgrade or End of Manufacturer Support dates. 

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Migrating Legacy PBX to Microsoft Teams under one Contract 

As you continue to use your PBX system, there will come a time when you decide to move to a new solution. When that time comes, we'll support your systems and give you the guidance you need for a successful migration.

As of May 2020, there are roughly half a dozen Microsoft Gold Partners that have the ability to maintain your legacy environment and continue through to voice on Microsoft Teams through Direct Routing all under the same Managed Services contract.  

Continuant can help you navigate this decision and position yourself to continue to compete in the future. With our help, your migration to the cloud will be on your own timeline, not ours, and definitely not the manufacturer’s.  

Third Party Maintenance Migration Roadmap

During your migration to the cloud, we can offer three different types of support to help you at any stage of the journey. We’ll begin with Day 2 support for your legacy system. When that this is taken care of, we enter into the Design Phase of your new Microsoft Teams solution. This phase is often referred to as Day 0. Once the design is complete and vetted, we begin the Deployment Phase, which is Day 1. All of this happens while we are supporting your legacy system. Then, as we roll users over to Teams from the legacy system, the "Bridge" is in effect until the last user is onto the new system and knows how to use it efficiently and comfortably. Then, the ongoing Managed Services (Day 2) support for Microsoft Teams is in place, bringing you to the other side of the bridge.

Choosing Continuant as your Migration Partner

Continuant has been providing support for communications technology, specifically voice, since 1996. We have supported more than 4 million users at over 480 companies, including 25% of the Fortune 500.

As TPM provider and Microsoft Direct CSP and Gold Partner, we not only provide world-class support for your current systems, we also specialize in designing, deploying and managing your Microsoft Teams solution when you are ready. 


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