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Global, Long-Term Solutions: How Continuant Acts as A Communications Cornerstone 


Industry-leading companies can no longer wait for the future of communications to come to them. This was certainly true for the industry-leading auto parts producer Dana Incorporated, a company that needed to make the transition from an Avaya and Nortel system to a new UC solution. 

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The Challenge

  • Global voice infrastructure 
  • Difficult transition process to UC 
  • Lack of support from a reliable partner 

The Solution

  • Global support for transition from Avaya and Nortel to Cisco and Microsoft  
  • 24/7 monitoring and issue resolution with Network Operations Center 
  • Support from PMP certified project manager 
  • Training for all Dana employees worldwide 

The Story

Dana Incorporated is an American supplier of axles, driveshafts, transmissions, and electrodynamic, thermal, sealing, and digital equipment for conventional, hybrid, and electric-powered vehicles. The company's products and services are aimed at the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, and off-highway equipment markets. Founded in 1904 and based in Maumee, Ohio, the company employs nearly 36,000 people in 33 countries. In 2018, Dana generated sales of $8.1 billion and currently holds the 373rd spot on the Fortune 500 list. 

A company like this is always moving forward, looking for the best systems and solutions. It only made sense that it would transition from its legacy system to a more modern Unified Communications platform at its earliest convenience. For a company with a global voice environment, such a task was not at all convenient. It would need the help of a partner it could trust to make this important transition go off without a hitch. 

Continuant was just that partner. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, it was more than capable of supporting Dana through the transition in every location. Continuant’s goal was to ensure that Dana’s transition would cost them very little in terms of both time and money, providing 24/7 monitoring via its Network Operations Center to resolve issues before they even truly started. 

To add even more value to Dana’s support, Continuant offered it the services of a PMP certified project manager always working at the company’s own pace. Along with that, Continuants experts offered also to train Dana’s employees in the use of the new system, freeing up hours upon hours of its HR department’s time. 

With Continuant’s help, Dana was able to propel itself into the future of communications. As time goes on, it knows it can continue to count on Continuant to handle technical competencies and keep its system up and running. 

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