The story

Since its founding in 1934, Lower Columbia College has dedicated itself to accomplishing goals and achieving dreams. It practices a system of guiding students toward bright futures, helping them meet their education and career goals. The school’s involvement with various nonprofits has also done a lot to aid students from less privileged backgrounds or economic means in their education.

In the spring of 2019, Lower Columbia had its own dream to achieve. A brand-new wing would be added to the school come summer, and those involved wanted it to enable an optimal modern classroom experience. Like the best classrooms of today, the college hoped to leverage modern technology to enable its faculty to teach a broad spectrum of students in ways more conducive to their different styles of learning, especially for visual learners.

To do this, it would need a top-quality AV solution, complete with some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. Time was short, and with every other school in the area rushing to accomplish their AV projects during the summer, the market would be crowded.