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Audio Video

Amplify Your Message with Immersive Sights and Sounds

Delivering World-Class Solutions in Even the Most Elaborate Environments

Our team of engineers specialize in capturing your vision to deliver custom AV integration to meet your needs. 


Reliable Audio Video Design and Integration

We design solutions to work for your users, both novices and well-seasoned technicians alike for years to come.

Continuant’s Adoption and Change Management experts train your users to understand how to successfully operate your solutions. 

Audio Video + Collaboration

When you combine industry-leading collaboration software with best-of-class AV hardware and design, your teams can collaborate regardless of time or location.

This is where AV and Collaboration collide.

Welcome to the future.


Education Technology

Modern Tools for the Modern Learning Environment

Whether you’re looking to enhance the learning experience in the physical classroom or over long distances, we have the solution.

Lecture Capture
Stream, record, and auto-transcribe lectures and presentations for your students, so they can access your message — regardless of time or location.

Distance Learning 
Provide remote students with online classroom environments and broaden their access to digital resources. 

Education Technology-Teaching in classroom-Parallax Image

Large Venues and Auditoriums

Immersive Audio Video and Lighting Integration

A captivating audio video and lighting experience can make every row feel like the front row, making even the largest room feel intimate.

We offer the complete AVL experience in one integrated package. Speakers, screens, and lighting, everything is efficient and intuitive. Regardless of your space, we provide solutions to support impactful performances and presentations.


Command and Control Centers 

Video Wall Technology for Command and Control

Command and Control Centers use video wall technology to help organize and deliver information. This provides full visibility into your internal systems to monitor environments such as transportation, weather systems, energy markets, and investor insights. 

Custom Command and Control Center Deployment

We help determine the proper video display wall configuration, processing, control equipment, space requirements, and key information to display. We then design and deploy your custom solution to meet your specific needs.


Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Limitless Messaging Opportunities

Digital signage is how modern organizations attract customers and maintain quality internal communications. 

Our solutions deliver clarity and customized content to your audience. Wayfinding technologies to menu boards and seasonal advertisements, the options are endless. Static signage is a thing of the past.

Illuminate your brand and stand out among the crowd.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding-Girl using wayfinding screen-BIG

Continuant Managed Services

Maintenance and Monitoring for Your Audio Video

Continuant Managed Services manages and monitors your systems remotely to keep your audio video solutions running at peak efficiency around the clock.

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