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    November 12, 2019

    4 Ways Video Collaboration Makes for Effective Sales

    Many organizations have realized how beneficial video collaboration is. One of many things it does is increase your sales team's close ratio. Here are four ways face-to-face communication makes for effective sales collaboration and help your team close more deals.

    1. Video Collaboration Makes an Instant Connection

    Increase Sales

    Rapport is difficult to build with customers without face-to-face interaction. Your customers won’t be able to put much trust in you or your product without a visual connection.

    Video validates your words. The person you're speaking with will see your face and workspace and gauge just how legitimate you are. They even have a chance to see your products or services in action. A display of professionalism and a demonstration of your wares will ensure you connect and build trust with your customers.

    2. Video Collaboration Builds Empathy

    Empathy is an important component of interacting with customers. You want to prove to a prospective customer you have both empathy and authority in a given subject. It's much harder to demonstrate empathy with only your words or even your voice.

    Sales Associate Video Call

    Research shows when conveying feelings, at least 55% of the message comes from nonverbal communication. This includes facial expression and body language. Information conveyed through nonverbal communication drastically changes the meaning of your message.

    Video will allow your sales professionals to understand their customers' feelings much better. They'll then be better equipped to meet the customer where they are and create a better customer experience. By communicating confidence, your sales team will also leverage authority and build deeper trust with their customers.

    3. Video Collaboration Keeps Your Audience Engaged

    Maintaining engagement is crucial to your success in sales. The emails, blog articles, and social media posts your marketing team creates exist to accomplish this goal. This type of content is still useful, but adding video will drive engagement among your customers and your users even further.

    According to studies conducted by LifeSize, as many as 99% of people report video collaboration improves their communication. 98% held the opinion that it helped them build relationships in the workplace, which stretches beyond the office. This helps them feel more included and valued.

    4. Video Collaboration Improves the Sales Process

    How can you save time and money by incorporating video into your sales process? The convenience and flexibility of video collaboration help cut down on time spent during the sales process. 

    Sales call using video collaboration platform

    Collaborating effectively with others over long distances was difficult prior to video collaboration. Your options were either to host conferencing calls on voice systems or travel to meet with them. Voice calls are less effective than video calls. Traveling comes with high expenses. In certain circumstances, traveling simply isn't an option.

    Now, you're able to effectively collaborate with team members and customers anywhere in the world. Collaboration occurs in a well-designed meeting room or from a desk in a home office. Up to 47% of video collaboration users have reduced their travel costs with their respective platform.

    Organizations who enable video collaboration and remote work also experience a much lower employee turnover rate. Their teams finish projects faster and save time and money in the process.

    As the modern workplace rapidly changes, so does the way businesses collaborate. It may be time to consider options for better video conferencing and collaboration. One example of an video collaboration platform built for modern organizations is Microsoft Teams. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, there's a chance you already have it.

    To understand how to best utilize Microsoft Teams, you'll need a Microsoft integrator. Continuant is an industry leading integrator. For more than 25 years, we've helped organizations all over the world get them most out of their communication systems. We'll help you design, deploy, and manage a solution to help you close more deals.

    Ready to improve your video collaboration? Schedule a technology assessment to determine your next step.

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    * Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2019 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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