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How this Global Company Shipped Out a Cost-Saving Solution 


From crates, to tanks, and even refrigerated boxes, Seaco Global is a company that can provide just about any kind of shipping container. It promises to give its customers the right container in the right place at the right time. When Seaco needed an update for its communication systems, it hoped to find a company with a similar promise. 

Seaco Building

The Challenge

  • 209 users on expensive voice solution 

The Solution

  • New voice solution with Microsoft 
  • 24/7 support, Microsoft elevation service, and incident management 

The Story 

Seaco’s old voice system couldn’t meet the needs of its 209 users. What the company really needed was a new solution that it could leverage to improve its global connectivity and save money. 

Continuant and Tata Communications Ltd (TCL) provided a Microsoft Teams solution that enabled Seaco to achieve value-based benefits. This new solution provided significant cost-savings by bringing together a hosted solution with global connectivity. By leveraging our solution, Seaco can rapidly realize the business benefits of cloud based PSTN calling on Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing. 

As step one of the process, Continuant and TCL have set up Seaco’s Office 365 tenant, while also configuring the voice policies and setup for all users. Afterwards, Continuant will provide 24/7 service desk access, service requests, Microsoft escalation support, and change/incident/problem management. 

Seaco can rest easy knowing that Continuant and TCL have delivered the right solution in all the right places at just the right time. 

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