The story

With three main locations in Ashland, Medford, and Grants Pass, Oregon, as well as several other physician and healthcare partners, Asante is the medical crux of this region of the west coast. For years, it relied on legacy phone systems from Siemens, Avaya, and Cisco to maintain its hospital network, but as the 2020’s approached it was time to refresh. 

Asante looked to deploy a new addition to its Cisco Call Manager that would help increase efficiency and improve communication. Early in the process, Asante was faced with the difficulty of managing systems from Avaya, Siemens, and Cisco all at once. The wide variety of systems were a source of confusion and frustration for its users. Asante wanted to consolidate these systems to make it easier to continue expanding its Cisco network. 

Continuant had been providing support for Asante’s Avaya and Siemens systems prior to the Cisco migration. Asante decided then to expand the Cisco infrastructure and upgrade each hospital with a commitment to  building in more redundancy. Asante also requested that Continuant help migrate its Ashland hospital using Avaya, to the new Cisco infrastructure.