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Why This Sporting Goods Brand Keeps Continuant Teed Up 


“I’m not a good enough salesman to sell a mediocre product.” – Ely Callaway 

When he uttered those memorable words, Callaway Golf founder, Ely R. Callaway, Jr. also issued a challenge to his employees: “Create products that are pleasingly different and demonstrably superior.” This logic proved indispensable when choosing a service provider for its Avaya systems.


Callaway Building Image

The Challenge

  • Low quality service from previous provider 
  • More than 1800 users on low quality system 
  • Lack of support regarding voice deployment 
  • Wanted new solutions and applications

The Solution

  • Maintenance and support for Avaya system with 1800 users and 75 Call Center agents 
  • Reliable communications network while working with Continuant to develop a  disaster recovery plan  
  • Long-term technology roadmap  
  • Weekly assistance setting up customized routing for 800 numbers 

The Story

Some 35 years later, Callaway Golf (NYSE: Ely) has become one of the world’s most recognized sporting goods brands, creating innovative products that help golfers hit longer and straighter from the tee, and make smooth, accurate putts. From the legendary Big Bertha (and Great Big Bertha) driver—lauded as “the greatest club of all time” by Golf Digest—to apparel, footwear, bags, clubs, and accessories, Callaway equipment has made its mark on the sport of golf worldwide. 

Today, the Carlsbad, California-based company boasts earnings of $872.21 million, and markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide. As a giant consumer-facing brand, Callaway makes it a priority to stay in touch with its customer base, which includes pro shops, sporting goods stores, plus the amateur and professional golfer. Communication is key. 

Callaway came to realize that the service it got from its initial provider wasn’t what it needed. The system still functioned, that was for sure, but it didn't get the proper level of voice deployment that Callaway needed. More importantly, this provider had no plans for Callaway’s future and how its communication might change going forward. The golf company needed a partner that could offer demonstrably superior service, maintaining the system and plotting a course for what would come next. 

When Callaway approached Continuant looking to replace its less than stellar service, it was clear what needed to be done. Continuant came on to maintain the company’s Avaya systems in its Carlsbad, California headquarters, eventually moving on to support Callaway locations all over the world.  

“Our goal is to provide Callaway with a very reliable communications network while working with them to develop a disaster recovery plan and long-term technology roadmap—either Managed Services or UCaaS or a mixture of both,” notes Continuant’s Doug Brandt. 

Because Callaway is “always doing sales promotions,” Brandt adds that Continuant provides weekly assistance setting up customized routing for 800 numbers, which is a “huge portion of their sales strategies.” With 1800 Avaya users and 75 Call Center agents, Callaway Golf keeps Continuant constantly “teed up” and ready for the next challenge. 

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