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Pharmaceutical Giant gets Continuant’s Prescription for Avaya Maintenance  

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New Jersey-based pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Company, Inc. (NYSE: MRK)—ranked 76th on the Fortune 500 list—manufactures a broad range of over-the-counter medicines as well as prescription drugs and adult and childhood vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps, pneumonia, and shingles. In addition, Merck Animal Health makes a wide variety of veterinary products—all sold worldwide. When this company needed help to ensure its Avaya system ran as well as it could for all 30,000 of its users, its peers in the pharmaceutical industry gave it just the right prescription. 

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The Challenge

  • Avaya system with 30,000 users requiring unbiased maintenance 
  • Concerns about the OEM’s pressures to upgrade 
  • Desire to expand to a new platform with no concrete plans 
  • Lack of unbiased professional insight regarding future endeavors 

The Solution

  • Maintenance for all Avaya systems 
  • No pressure to upgrade 
  • Third-Party Maintenance and Support provided a cost savings of 60% 
  • Plans for migration to a new Cisco UC solution 

The Story

With a revenue of more than $42 billion, Merck and Company has proven its ability to maintain an impressive level of success for more than 125 years. With its core focus being on vaccines and therapeutic medicine, this pharmaceutical innovator looks to not just save, but improve millions of lives all over the world. 

To keep this global medical mission alive, Merck had more than 30,000 users on an Avaya system. As with many Avaya customers, Merck began looking to implement a UC solution. To complete this transition, it needed the proper insight and support, something it worried Avaya would be unable, or rather unwilling to provide. Seeking the counsel of other pharmaceutical companies, a source at Bayer Corporation (a Continuant customer since 2007) set them in the right direction. 

Today, Continuant maintains all of Merck’s Avaya systems, and has done so since 2016. Merck knows that working with Continuant also means that there will be “no pressure to upgrade” its Avaya systems but rather, that Continuant will offer the best solutions for Merck, based on the company’s needs. 

In addition, Merck cites both the high level of service and the cost-saving benefits of working with Continuant. Merck has realized a 60 percent cost savings over the OEM by having Continuant maintain and support its Avaya systems. 

Merck will be migrating to a Cisco Unified Communications solution over the next several years, and Continuant is positioned to offer world-class Managed Services for Cisco UC. 

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