The story

Throughout its diverse operations, religious and secular alike, the mission remains the same: pioneer a new century of healthcare and make the world a better place, particularly for the poor and vulnerable. It’s 50 hospitals and 1,085 clinics have served more than 5 million unique patients in the Western United States. On top of that, Providence is also dedicated to developing affordable and stable housing for its patients, all in pursuit of a radical goal to end homelessness.

With time and resources dedicated to furthering its noble goals, Providence made do with a primitive display solution to display names of patients and donors and provide wayfinding for guests. Multi output cards wired several TV screens to a computer, with the computer’s display then being mirrored on all of them. While functional, this system wasn’t at all flexible. The displays proved difficult to read, and Providence struggled to get the information it needed on the right screens. What it needed was a more advanced system with easy to read displays that could be scaled to fit its needs. For now, however, it would only use such a system in two locations.